Please help me.... This is a weblogic specific question. Sorry for this off topic question. Cause my project is getting delayed due to these errors. I've already searched the EJB-INTEREST archive and Weblogic news group and found no answer.

Have anyone encountered the ClassCastException and LinkageError in Weblogic?

I've temporarily solved the ClassCastException problem by removing the Home, Remote, EJBean class files in my web-inf/classes. My question is what is the proper way of packaging WAR and EJB? From what I've researched ejb clients should contain the home and remote class of the EJB but if I do this just what I've said a ClassCastException is thrown.

My second problem is the linkage error. When I try to pass a plain java object from my servlet to the ejb. The LinkageError is thrown. From what I know, LinkageError is due to incompatible class files. But I've already make sure that both my war (in the web-inf/classes directory) and the ejb jar both have the same version of class file. So what's the problem? If I want to maintain a single copy of the shared classes, where should I put it? What's the proper way of doing it?

Your help will be very much appreciated. Thank you...