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    Anyone uses GLUE?

    I installed GLUE in my machine(Windows NT).But I am unable to compile the files under d:\electric\src\examples

    That means, I am unable to start the GLUE server.Any help would be appreciated.

    Lawrence Manickam

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    the glue.jar has all the class files you need. include it in classpath and import glue classes.
    just make up some thing to play with:

      private static final String ELECTRIC_SERVER = "http://localhost:8004/";

      static {
        try {
        } catch (IOException e) {
          throw new SystemException(e);

      public ChromeVehicle retrieve( SearchServiceRequest request, String postalCode) throws ChromeException {
      // publish service by urn
          electric.registry.Registry.publish( "urn:search", new FetchVehicleImpl() );
      // bind to the server via host:port/urn and interface definition.
          FetchVehicle vehicleFetcher = (FetchVehicle) electric.registry.Registry.bind( ELECTRIC_SERVER + "/urn:search", FetchVehicle.class );
      // use the interface's method(s)
    return vehicleFetcher.retrieve( request, postalCode )