Hi there.

We're just at a stage where we can start load testing and optimizing our J2EE application meaningfully. I know that a VM profiler like JProbe or OptimizeIT could be very useful. We have some experience in house with both, but what's the feeling out there these days? What tools are the best given that we will be profiling a web tier (Orion) and an EJB tier (Weblogic 6.1)? I noticed that JProbe Profiler and OptimizeIT are very inexpensive. Is there somewhere else I could be looking? (Most of the load testing and performance software I've seen is an order of magnitude more expensive.)

By the way, if anyone has used Empirix BeanTest, I'd like some feedback also. I'm planning on buying a license with functional testing capability, is the load testing functionality (again, orders of magnitude pricier) worth it?