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    Hi ,
    I am using weblogic server6.0.
    I am trying to deploy a sample cmp entitibean which has given in the examples, AccountBean.
    I have created a connection pool called demopool with all the necessary information.
    I have created a data source with name examples-dataSource-demoPool and jndi name examples-dataSource-demoPool, and in this I gave demopool in the pool name.
    I hace successfully compiled the .jar file.
    But when I tried to deploy this bean I am getting the error like:

    C:\>java weblogic.deploy -port 7001 -host localhost deploy harireddy AccountHome
    30 c:\bea\wlserver6.0\config\acc111.jar
    Error Deploying CMP EJB:; nested exception is:
    weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSException: JNDI lookup of JDBC datasource
    'examples-dataSource-demoPool' failed : javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unab
    le to resolve examples-dataSource-demoPool. Resolved: '' Unresolved:'examples-da
    taSource-demoPool' ; remaining name ''
    Error deploying application AccountHome30: Could not deploy: 'AccountHome30.jar'

    Possible reasons include:
    1. The bean or an interface class has been modified but
    the deployment descriptor has not been updated
    2. The database mappings in the deployment descriptor do not
    match the database definition
    3. The jar file is not a valid jar file
    4. The jar file does not contain a valid bean

    I am able to run session beans in my machine.
    But till now I couldn't deploy any Entity bean.

    Some details about the connection pool:

    Connection pool:

    Name: demopool
    url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@
    Driver class name: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
    Data Source:

    Name : examples-dataSource-demoPool
    jndi name : examples-dataSource-demoPool
    pool name : demopool

    I will be greatfull if some help me to solve this problem.
    Awaiting for your replay.

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    Can't remember if this is the behaviour exhibited but a common error with WLS is to create a pool but then not deploy it to a server.

    The console provides tabs for deploying within the pool subsection of its JDBC section.
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    Almost 5 years after last post I got to the same problem and Geoff's post helped me a lot.

    Thanks much Geoff!