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    Our back end database is DB2, so we have a requirement to store the values read from database for future use (to avoid going back to Mainframe). Is there a good architecture under J2EE to do this. We plan to use

    Info Objects
    Stateful Session bean
    Stateless session bean (JDBC calls to m/f data)

    My problem where should be store all the data read.

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    If I understand you correctly, you're reading data out of a legacy system and you want to move it into a modern database. Is that correct? If so, why don't you just write a quick script or conversion utility that migrates the data over? Why even use J2EE?
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    If you're going to MF DB2 then you're probably using DB2CONNECT right? This eliminates the need to copy to another relational DB. Why don't you create entity beans representing the DB2 data and use the isModified(isDirty) method to control the storing to the database.