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    For building a Reporting Portal,is EJB a suitable technology?. In this case users log in and have several wizards to choose from(that means a lot of HTML GUI),connect to any database in the Internet/Intranet, generate reports. Also they will be opening existing reports for print purpose or exporting to PDF... In this context, what kind of architecture is suggested..can EJB be used for this or totally can be done with JSP/Servlets.. Please give suggestion..

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    If UR portal is being used by several number of users then it would B suitable 2 Use ejbs ,so that U R relieved of taking care of "Load balancing, N if UR site uses much Transactions".Also main thing U have 2 consider is Network load N traffics.

    U can go 4 a jsp,servlet N simple java beans also,but as i mentioned earlier depends on how UR application is.

    If its a big application then it would be better 2 go 4 EJB
    as they R Reusable ones N U have Entity beans 4 temporary storage of the data,N also much of the work is being done N controlled by the Container U use.

    So depending on how the application is ,U can go 4 the Ejb
    or jsp N servlets.

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    A good article on this site you should read if you haven't already: