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    Hi !

    1. Can anyone tell me how to implement uploading and downloading application in JSP. Is there any component readily available, which I can download and try or any way of building the application itself.

    2. What is the difference between uploading/downloading "using FTP" and "using HTTP". Which one is better (in performane) and how to implement.

    Early solution is appreciated.


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    jspSmart has a free upload component you can use for HTTP file uploading, which is not as good as FTP file uploading.

    Also, O'Reilly has an open source package you can use. (www.oreilly.com or www.servlets.com)

    Another option is dotJ, which has an upload tag in its tag library. Benefit of this library is that it has a much more compehensive set of JSP tags. (www.dotjonline.com)