WASP Advanced 3.0 beta 1, Idoox's Web Application and Services Platform enabling enterprise level deployment of SOAP Web Service(s), has been released. WASP Advanced 3.0 beta 1 is available for download at http://www.idoox.com/products/wasp_advanced/index.html. WASP Advanced 3.0 extends beyond WASP Lite 3.0 with features that are necessary for enterprise Web Service development and deployment. The main purpose of this release is to show WASP's seamless integration with the J2EE platform.

This beta 1 features:
J2EE Integration
JNDI over SOAP for transparent access to the JNDI directory via SOAP
EJB over SOAP for automated wrapping of EJB to SOAP Web Service(s)
JMS over SOAP framework for sending JMS messages over the SOAP protocol
JMS pluggable transport that allows sending SOAP messages through a JMS service
Leading J2EE application server support including BEA WebLogic
Features for beta 2 (end of September):
JDBC over SOAP for transparent DBMS access via SOAP
GSS-API/SPKM based security that allows enterprise security features such as security protection of domains etc.
SSL based security for simple security scenarios
Security API for Web Services that allow integration with a variety of security solutions
JAAS support for standard Java authentication and authorization
WASP Advanced 3.0 inherits the following features from WASP Lite 3.0:
SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1 and XML Schema 1999/2000/2001 standards support.
Web Service development tools for Sun Forte for Java, aka Netbeans.
Java APIs for WSDL (JSR 110, http://www.jcp.org/jsr/detail/110.jsp).
Dynamic proxy generation for client-side access.
Pluggable transports to enable binding with other protocols (including the HTTP Servlet pluggable transport for integration with various Servlet engines, J2EE application servers, and standalone HTTP pluggable transport for convenient deployment).
Automated JavaScript SOAP client code generation.
MIME Multipart/Related content sending and receiving.
Remote interface references for the usage of factory design patterns with SOAP.
Custom header processing.
Automated Java/XML type mapping (Java 2 containers, XSD built-in types).
Advanced exception handling.
Flexible processing of SOAP messages on various levels.
Application and session object Web Service activation modes.
Configurable classloading.
HTTP 1.1 proxy support.
Administration console (browser-based, SOAP-enabled).

To get started with WASP Advanced, please see the documentation at http://www.idoox.com/products/wasp_advanced/doc/index. We also appreciate your feedback on the APIs, architecture, tools support, documentation, etc. Feedback can be sent to our mailing list or to our support address.