Methods for "Asynchronous Mail sending". JMS or ?


General J2EE: Methods for "Asynchronous Mail sending". JMS or ?

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    We have a layered J2EE architecture with session facades to the entity beans.

    As a part of some transactions we also want to notify users by mail.

    Because we want transactions to be as short as possible we need to "post" the mail without having to wait for the sending to a mail server.

    Our current solution uses JMS which works but we are discussing alternatives.

    The application server is Weblogic 5.1 but we are planning to migrate to WLS 6.1 in the future.

    Does anyone have any suggestion how to implement "Asynchronous Mail sending"?
  2. Seems as if JMS is the ultimate solution here. Why would you want to change? JMS is there to provide an asynchronous environment to the otherwise synchronized application server. My suggestion is that you keep the JMS solution when you upgrade to WLS6.1.
    Anyone who disagrees?
    /Henrik Engstrom