Could you become a part-time or full-time BEA WebLogic Programm


EJB design: Could you become a part-time or full-time BEA WebLogic Programm

  1. Could you become a part-time or full-time BEA WebLogic Programmer of our company in Shanghai?

    Because of the development of our project, we need 3 programmers to join us.

    * Above one year experience in Java programming in J2EE Platform
    * Familiar with BEA WebLogic
    * Database application programming experience is optional(ORACLE)
    * Willing to accept challenging job, capable of working under high tempo environment.
    * Cooperative, high sense of responsibility, and professionalism.
    * Work in Shanghai

    MailTo: jackey_zhao at 163 dot net

    Part-time programmer salary: Over 5000 RMB / month
  2. Possible tele working?
  3. Can I tele commute? How much is the pay in Dollars
  4. 5000 Renminbi would be about 600 US Dollars
  5. Hi

      I would like to join with you.I am sending my resume below.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    My Resume:

    radhi_a22 at yahoo dot com

    Seeking a challenging career in the field of software design and development focusing on Internet technologies. Aim to be associated with a progressive organization that gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills in development of Business Applications. Experience of around 3 and half years in software development having knowledge of the various stages of product development. Ability to leverage my knowledge in the fields of Banking, Finance and Middleware for the development of business applications.

    WINDOWS NT/95/98,DOS

    Java Servlets, JDBC, RMI, Java Beans, JFC, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, MS FrontPage, VisualAge for Java, SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++


    Weblogic5.1 Server

    VisualAge for Java3.0, Developer2000 (Forms5.0/4.5,Reports3.0/2.5), Visual Basic6.0, PowerBuilder 5.0

    Oracle8i/8/7.3,SQL Server6.5

    · B.S in Engineering
    Nagarjuna University, India.
    · Post Graduate Diploma in Management Information System and Computer Applications (PGD-MISCA)
    Osmania University, India.


    Programmer Analyst 03/01(Till date)
    Systems Integration Solution, CT.

    PSG Practice System (PMS)
    This is a tool following a set of rules to document the process of ongoing projects within a PSG practice. It uses Java Servlets and JSP.It keeps track of all the projects and their associated issues and actions. This tool basically encapsulates many user Entry screens to Keying Data. This tool maintains information about the Employees and their current status.
    Initially the project started as a stand-alone program with Oracle as the database. Forms were created for the User Interface to be able to add new data or append data to the existing ones. But now it is altered to make it Web enabled. HTML pages were developed using the FrontPage Editor. JavaScript programs were written to validate all the controls on the page. To handle a number of forms and Reports a Generic Servlet is being developed to process user requests and paints the page.
    · Involved in design, coding, modifications to programs and debugging.

    Environment: EJB, Weblogic, Java, JFC, Servlets, JDBC, RMI, HTML, FrontPage, JavaScript, Oracle8.0 on Windows NT.

    Programmer Analyst 08/00 - 02/01
    National Trading Co., MI.

    HR Management System
    This software was developed to provide total automation of various HR resources like payroll, recruitment, welfare policies etc. It provides fast and efficient communication within an Organization. It also provides information regarding the various HR policies, rules and procedures with full multimedia capabilities. The project provides a foundation to a paper-less office. It has been divided into several modules like payroll management module, which involves maintaining the employee details, tracking of their attendance, deducting various taxes and others from gross and posting their net to their accounts.
    The recruiting modules takes care of processing resumes, short listing, selecting the candidates and posting the selected candidates details to the payroll module, etc.

    Environment: EJB, Weblogic, Java, JFC, Servlets,JavaBeans, JDBC, RMI, HTML, FrontPage, JavaScript, and Oracle8.0 on Windows NT.

    Consultant 01/00 –07/00
    Pentasoft Technologies Ltd

    Public Internet Access Web Application
    This project is used to increase process efficiencies, provide better management information, act as a decision support tool and build in control checks for all procedures. It consists of signup module and infrastructure set up module. The Signup module consists of registration, assessment and agreement sign up of new franchisees. It also includes preparation for site setup, and gives all guidance and information up to the point of actual commencement of work of set up of the access centers. The infrastructure module consists schedule and track all activities involved in the setting up of the public Internet access centers. This module begins at that point where all formalities are complete and various parties undertaking the responsibility of building the infrastructure have been finalized.
    · Involved in design, coding, modifications to programs and debugging.

    Environment: EJB1.1, Weblogic, Java, JSP, JavaBeans Servlets, JDBC, Javascript, HTML, Oracle8.0 on Windows NT.

    Consultant 05/99-12/99
    Pentasoft Technologies Ltd

    Centralized Banking Solution
     This product is being developed to provide a solution for Any Branch Banking. A customer can open an account anywhere and can conduct his transactions from any other branch. It consists of the various modules like General, Cash, Clearing, Savings/Current, OD/CC, Deposits, Remittances, Loans, Lockers, Guarantees, Bills, Miscellaneous & Shares. It is basically conversion of the existing PENTABANK software with many enhanced features and parameterizations to suit the various banks. It also incorporates all the necessary security features. It automates the various transactions of the bank like GL Posting, Products Calculation for Loans, Current Accounts, OD Accounts, etc. All the necessary reports are present in the respective modules. The Savings/Current Module consists of the all the necessary transactions to be dealt with in all the necessary modes for the savings accounts. It allows the accounts to be opened for various modes of operations. It also has many provisions like differential rates of interest for the various parties, multiple debits and credits simultaneously, automatic credit of interest based on the minimum balances, freezing of accounts, operative, stop cheque facility, etc. It also has features like TOD Limits, TOD Interest calculation, etc for the current accounts. The OD Module has most of the features of the Savings/Current Module with additional features like OD Limits, Products Calculation, security details, guarantor details, etc. The Deposits Module has been parameterized to a very great extent. All the necessary calculations of the interest can be done either on a months or days basis. It has provisions for quarterly interest, monthly interest, etc. It also allows for a very flexible change of interest rates as and when it happens. The Loans Module provides for opening all the different loan accounts and documentation of the various securities collected apart from the features provided in the Savings Module. It calculates the interest, penal interest automatically. It automates the quarterly interest application and has a flexible parameterized approach for the prude judgment of NPAs.
    · Involved in design, coding, modifications to programs and debugging.

    Environment: EJB1.1, Websphere, Java, JFC, Servlets, JavaBeans, JDBC, RMI, HTML, FrontPage, JavaScript, and Oracle8.0 on Windows NT.

    Consultant 11/98 - 04/99
    Pentasoft Technologies Ltd

    Anywhere Banking Solution
    This product was developed to enable Anywhere Banking in a distributed database environment. It is totally integrated with the total branch automation software of Pentafour, thereby acting as a complement to the existing TBA Package. It consists of two main terminals, the customer terminal & the employee terminal. It provides a user-friendly environment for both the terminals. Currently, the interface driver for ATM Connectivity is also under development. It enables the customer to open an account in any of the branches of a bank and conduct his transactions from any other branch. It allows the customer to log on the Intranet site at any of the branches and conduct various operations on his accounts like crediting cash, cheques, repayment of loan, DD/BC by Cash/ Transfer, etc,. It provides a pathway for a paper-less office. The employee terminal allows the employee to conduct various transactions on any of the connected branches based on his designation. It provides him with facility to authorize all the above-mentioned transactions made by the customer. It also provides the management with innumerable reports regarding the statuses of the various branches, like the supplementary day-book, day-book, abstract report, cash closing balance, etc,. It also provides the management with a query builder to allow them to view accounts satisfying certain conditions from various branches and also to post mails to them.
    · Involved in design, coding, modifications to programs and debugging.

    Environment: Java, JFC, Servlets, JavaBeans, JDBC, RMI, HTML, FrontPage, JavaScript, and Oracle8.0 on Windows NT.

    Consultant 06/98 - 10/98
    Pentasoft Technologies Ltd

    Webmaster for DLRL
    This project was developed to provide all necessary information of the organization with full multimedia capabilities. It provides information regarding the organizational rules and procedures, central government hr policies etc. It facilitates online ordering of various magazines from the information center, ordering of various consumer products from stores by the employees, providing information regarding the projects that they are doing, etc. Updating of the details for restricted users is provided. It also has the features of a search engine. It includes a mailing system that facilitates easy communication between employees and also various clearances and sanctions like leaves, loans, bills, attendance details, training details etc are done through mails. It also provides the organization chart for the various departments. It includes Technical Information System that involves maintaining the Information Center, servicing the magazines and books being ordered on the Intranet. It also facilitates auto e-mailing to the corresponding scientists when new magazines enter into the information center. Stores Management System maintains various stores transactions like shipping the products ordered and posting the bills to the personal department.
    · Involved in design, coding, modifications to programs and debugging.

    Environment: Java, JFC, Servlets, JavaBeans, JDBC, RMI, HTML, FrontPage, JavaScript, and Oracle8.0 on Windows NT.

  6. hi ,
    I am Santosh, i am interested in ur offer. I will be sending u my detailed resume soon. Please have a look and reply to me on my email id.
  7. I have some interest to be a part-time developper.I am an Java Architect and senior software engineer.I have a lot of spare time in my current company which is located in Shanghai.I am always online.My ICQ is 84604553,and QQ is 39405954.If you have interest to me,you could also contact with me by mobile(13301825472).
  8. DOT NET SE[ Go to top ]

    sorry for replying for ur message as it is for java but i m not in java stream. i m a DOTNET software engineer in shnaghai. If u have any part time work then please let me know.