Performance testing of J2EE application deployed on WebSphere


Performance and scalability: Performance testing of J2EE application deployed on WebSphere

  1. Is there a tool in WebSphere for doing performance testing of the application deployed on the server. If yes please give me the details to do the same.
    If any tool has to be purchased what would you recommend.

    Please suggest a test plan and check points....

    S P
  2. I've tested out a product called LoadRunner by Mercury Interactive ( which is absolutely brilliant if you're running WebSphere under Unix (we use Sun Solaris 2.6) with clients on whatever. Setup was fairly easy, although we had a guy from MI in to help. It comes with a scripting language which allows you to tweak the tests, insert breaks, rendevous, etc and you can gather all the stats you could want.

    The only drawback with the version I tested was that it supposedly generated performance stats on our underlying Oracle 8i database but didn't. Other than that, the price - it's extortionately expensive !!

    Your plan would have to depend on your application, which is entirely up to you.
  3. S P,

    Empirix makes two scalability testing tools that can be used for J2EE testing ... "Bean-test" and "e-TEST Suite".

    Bean-test is a tool dedicated to performance and functional testing of EJBs. This is considered a component test tool as it allows you to scalability and functional test the EJBs before the web-tier JSPs/servlets are ready! You use Bean-test to see if the EJBs are architected correctly upfront, then implemented efficiently, and operating on the correct apps server/hardware/software environment.

    e-TEST Suite is a system test tool that allows you to test the JSPs/servlets and make sure the web-tier integrated successfully with the middle-tier and beyond.

    Disclaimer: I am an engineer for the Bean-test tool at Empirix, and of course I think both tools are pretty nice. You can read statements recommending Bean-test by New England Java User's Group and the Apex Consulting Group at the following location:

    To avoid any clutter here, let me know off-line if you have any other technical questions on Bean-test or e-test suite.

  4. Try using Jinsight from We tried it for analysis on a Websphere AS 3.5.3 with an application consisting over 100 EJB's and it worked fine for analysis of code. Jinsight cannot be used for stress- and loadtests however. use loadrunner for that purpose.
  5. see Introscope from Wily Technology... It gives you real-time component-level performance metrics of any J2EE application...

  6. My company, Performant, Inc. has just released its first product, OptiBench, that provides real-workload based multi-tier, large scale performance analysis of applications based on several J2EE application servers. See our web site for further details: