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     Does any one have already made use of Rational Rose for intensive J2EE Code Generation ? I'm having serious problems trying to generate code for me J2EE architecture, some of them include :

    1- Wrong exceptions definitions included in the code for EJB 2.0, Rational Rose include deprecated exceptions like RemoteException in EJBCreate()

    2- Rational Rose does not accept that an interface could extends more than one interface. Trying to this in a design pattern like the BusinessInterface where your RemoteIntefaces should extend the BusinessInterface and the EJBRemoteObject gives an error saying that a Java Class can only extend one class, but i'm dealing with interfaces not with classes.
  2. You might want to try Together's community edition version 5.5 at
  3. I too wud suggest U 2 go 4 TogetherJ from
    The toool helps U in designing & deploying Ejb's .
  4. WebGain Studio (with Structure Builder for the J2EE code generation from UML) will handle this correctly.