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    Hey guys,

    I've been beating my head for over a week on the proper configuration for weblogic classpath that allows ejb's to hot-deploy and package visability between ejbs and helper classes defined in the same ejb package. I learned the following. If you have a ejb helper class that is defined in the same package as the ejb but you want the helper class to be accessable by other classes running int he wls vm. Three things must be setup:

    1) The helper.class file should be in the jar file.
    2) The helper.class should not be on either the classpath or the weblogic.class.path
    3) A method int he ejb remote or home interface must reference the helper class.

    And finally EJB class files should never be on the weblogic.class.path or the classpath.

    I hope this helps.
  2. Hi,
  3. Hi,
    Sounds like you had a tough time..
    Actually.. when the weblogic server compes up it runs a class path servlet..This is the one causing all the troubles..So u should try to keep your helper classes,ejb ect weblogic/classes directory...
    your servlets in servletclasses directory..
    other wise during runtime it generally throws thw dreaded classcast exception..due to problmes between servlet class loaders and ordinary class loaders...
    Please get it touch if you need more help.. or just ignore this message if u know it already..
  4. I thought the class files for helper classes, EJB remote and hone interfaces should be under %WEBLOGIC_HOME%/myserver/serverclasses, which are automatically picked up when WebLogic starts up. Am I correct or werong?