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    Hi there,
    Needless to say, I am new to this EJB technology.. using WLs6.1 eval copy for my learning period. Here we are modelling something as part of our learning efforts. it mainly includes things like adding a customer, modify, delete and query. we decided to go for the

    Pattern as i had said in one of my previous posts. Now, i have modelled one add.del.modify.query stuff. But the problem is I dont find any reason or chance to involve a stateless session bean. Rather, i have included one servlet that will act as a client to the EJB that is an entity represanting a customer. Was this approach right?
    Or just simply tell me where I can use a session bean.. to achieve something..
    I need to do more reading it seems but if someone can clear the confusion right away, nothing better than that. :)

    take care
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    Have a look at the Session Facade pattern, which basically wraps an Entity bean in a Session Bean.

    This model lets you move your business logic out the Servlet and into the Session Bean. Your Entity should simply model the data and have no business methods at all.