Gartner: Microsoft's J#.Net will be ignored


News: Gartner: Microsoft's J#.Net will be ignored

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    A new tool from Microsoft aimed at attracting Java developers to its .Net Web services plan, Visual J#.Net, will (according to Gartner analyst Mark Driver) confuse the adoption of C#, Microsoft's answer to Java. Moreover, it will ultimately be ignored by most Java platform developers.

    Read Microsoft's J#.Net will be ignored.

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  2. Can't wait for Linux.Net ;-)

  3. sure
  4. Along with Linux.NET we can expect Motherboard.NET, Processor.NET, Monitor.NET and also MOUSE.NET... ;-))
  5. You did not mention SUCKERS.NET.
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    Here --- >

    Its faster than Java
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    m m wrote:

    Its faster than Java


    Lol. At what? Sucking the money out of your wallet?

    A half-assed implementation, of an ancient version of java, and all this guys got is an unsubstantiated claim about how it's faster?

    Sheesh! Where do these people come from?

    God bless,
    -Toby Reyelts
  8. Para que maƱana abandone a todos sus usuarios "por un simple cambio de estrategia", asi como lo hizo con su J++.
  9. "System Requirements
    To use Microsoft Visual J# .NET Beta 1, you need:

    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Beta 2 (build 7.0.9254.0) English (US) version. Please see for system requirements for Visual Studio .NET Beta 2.
    Windows 2000 Server or Professional, or Windows XP Professional RC Release.

    Batman and Superman too.
  10. Batman and Superman too.

    I dont need Superman any longer. But he help me alot for debugging and developing using cmd-line tools. His speed was enough for me to turn these tools to RAD.
    Also great help was also finding solutions in SUN's docs using his XRays.

    But i do need Batman for killing "The Penguin" as in the "BATMAN RETURNS" movie
  11. I sure SeaSharp will find it's fish....
    As for me, I crawled out of that pond many versions, err, I mean moons, ago................


    (p.s. I would of thought 'SeeSaw' would be a more fitting name for Microsoft pro-ducks)

    (p.s.s. The .dot in .NET is important, it allows you to calculate what version you now should be on!)

  12. Yeah, this is dead-on....Gartner has it right. .NET will push users to C# - that's the best language to use. Any old version of Java will be just that....

    Definitely not J2EE, and definitely not a tool to port....
  13. Does anyone remember the POSIX subsystem in NT anymore? Does anyone remember why it was put there?

    To help out our younger readers, in the old days several governments specified that only operating systems compatible with POSIX (1) could be procured by their departments and agencies. To cut a long story short, many people in those same departments and agencies wanted to use NT, for their own good reasons. Microsoft gave them a fig leaf to use to their procurement people. No one to my knowledge ever actually used the system, but they could say, sort of truthfully, that NT was compliant. The POSIX policy was eventually rescinded, because it was stupid.

    Jump to the present. In the past few months two of my clients have adopted policies at the corporate level that Java shall be the one true language (and being Corporate, they couldn't tell a language from a platform if ...). And now Microsoft has given a fig leaf to people at the departmental level, just in case they wanted to, maybe, wink , wink , use .NET. Microsoft doesn't care if people actually use J# (or c# for that matter). They just want to sell product.
  14. Hi Guys,
     I am a developer of Microsoft and then Migrated to Java. I found java is the best thing to happen in Software industry. Microsoft is confusing the developers , with its latest products. Can do the same thing which has been done by the older products. If the developer is confused, you can imagine how much does a business man get confused. Anyway, J# is one more paly tool given by microsoft for few months to play around. I am waiting for J#+ and j#++ and so on.

     Please Microsoft do your job, Not javas job.

  15. Forget .NET, use Java or C/C++.
    Leave Windows, use Unix or Linux.

    Be a real programmer, not the novices or casual ones.
  16. "Forget .NET, use Java or C/C++." I'm agree, J#.Net will be ignored, But C++.Net is the only language that can be used with managed code (C#) and unmanaged code (assembly, C, C++) without an interoperative fault. Have you try an ATL Web Server an check the performance gain?
    "Be a real programmer, not the novices or casual ones." ->
    Have you review the CLI Source Code from microsoft (OpenBSD, Linux...)?