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    should JBoss be used in production ? We are building web applications for our intranet like a corporate portal and several information systems and now we are evaluating JBoss for this purpose.

    Any experiences?




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    I think JBoss is fine in production. I'm the architect for the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering and we getting ready to use JBoss in a production environment on a couple of projects.
    JBoss does lack clustering (it's in the works though) but overall, I think it's one of the best app servers on the market, hands-down. We did testing with 7 or 8 app-servers and consistently kept coming back to two of the smallest systems, JRun and JBoss. Our testing has shown that the smaller guys can do a great job outperforming the bug guys.
    You do need a higher level of expertise though. They are light, fast, and VERY fully featured. what a great product JBoss is overall!

    as a note: The Northwest Alliance is a research group doing a lot of research in DB, middleware, ui, distributed development as well as high-performance/supercomputing. As soon as we release our first production application, we will likely do some sort of paper write up and maybe post a review on this site about JBoss, but overall, our experience has been very good.

    Feel free to post further questions about our experience with JBoss. I'll try to answer them quickly.

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    Thanks for your fast answer.

    I completely agree with you that JBoss is a great product and your statement gives me the feeling of going the right way with it.


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    I have two small questions to you:

    Do you use JBoss with the embedded Tomcat version ?

    And do you use JAWS as your O/R-Mapping tool?


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    For development, we use the non-embedded version, simply so we can restart tomcat without restarting jboss when we are recompiling servlet or helper classes in tomcat. However, when we go to staging and production we do use the embedded tomcat in order to increase performance. As for JAWS, we have not used it. We don't often used CMP. Most of our beans are BMP. Sorry, can't help you there.

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    Enquiring minds would like to know what industrial-strength projects are out there that currently run on JBoss. Can someone post an URL or two?
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    I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but we are implementing a large scale JBoss system for DoD.

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    I'm using JOnAS 2.3 (Open Source as well: http://www.objectweb.org)in production.

    This is the link:

    Got some problems for a while but now the system looks very stable.

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    I am also interested in how JBoss performs in a production environment. So far all that I have found is this:
    "Customers like Electronic Arts and the Dow Jones Indexes (a sister act of this publication, you should know) use JBoss on large clusters of computers" -- http://webreprints.djreprints.com/730880350135.html
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  11. I have summarized the Jboss production settings here.
  12. The updated article for JBoss 5 production settings is here.