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    Iam Using WLS and JSP's, and want to reduce the data flow between Browser and Server. So Is there any way to compress the jsp's (http messages) before sending it to browser and uncompress it in browser ?

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    Kindly Do clearly mention what U actually want 2 do,
    Do U want 2 reduce the no.of request calls made from client 2 server,
    then use a Singleton class employed with some Hashtable
    2 hold the data so that all data is retrieved at once N the same is retrieved 2 client by a single network call(request).
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    Actually Iam having JSp's which is around 200 Kb, So it taking time to load thru internet when connection speed is slow. Main intension is to make it faster without removing any data/information from the JSP's. (Iam able to reduce some 5kb after removing tabs and spaces from the JS funcions)