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General J2EE: add CPU or use cluster of servers?

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    I am using Weblogic 6.0 server.
    How can I decide whether I should go in for adding another CPU/memory OR add another server in to the cluster.
    Is it only by actually trying it out during load testing?
    In which case it will involve actual investment in additional CPU/memory and then to find out that there was hardly any improvement in performance and hence the need to add a server to the cluster, which would mean un-necessary investment in CPU/memory made earlier.
    I would be interested if anyone has any guidelines on making this decision, without actually going in for load testing.
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    Without testing your application any suggestion is really just guess-work. It really depends on the particular architecture of your app and the types o load it needs to handle.

    That said, memory is so cheap at the moment, it is hard to see this being an issue...load your server up with memory, costs nothing and it can hardly hurt.

    Easy enough to check your CPU utilisation...does the server live about 50% CPU load? A cpu may be benficial in this case.

    However, i think it is unlikely that brute processing is going to be an issue, much more likely the database and the overall communication throughput. This is where a cluster can start helping.

    Really you need to figure out where the load occurs and then take steps to ameliorate its cost.
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    Thinking about failover...........
    Another box will protect your applications better.

    You may also get better JVM response times when your applications are cloned.........a JVM is like any other component, it has a point where it's is best to duplicate for work, i.e. clone.