Announcing WMEE - UML based J2EE code generator


News: Announcing WMEE - UML based J2EE code generator

  1. Sygel has launched "Wonder Machine Enterprise Edition", calling the product "an architectural IDE". The Wonder Machine generates stable and fully executable J2EE baseline architectures, including GUI, out of UML business domain models without writing a single line of code.

    Check out The Wonder Machine J2EE Architectural IDE.

  2. Hi,

     I have just downloaded and installed it but it does not run.Initially it gave VBScript error i think it could not read environmental variable.When I gave absolute path (Line 3 WMEEConsole.vbs ) it didn't gave any error but application didn't started. Could anybody help me on this.

  3. Hi,

    It seems that the WMEE_HOME environment variable is not set. The reason is that you did not reboot your system after installation or that you do not have administration rights on your computer. Visit and check that the needed environment variables are set. You can set the environment variables manual, to solve the problem.


  4. In another crazy decision by a software vendor the only way to download a trial version is with a crappy applet downloader/installer. Which bombs saying probably not enough disk space ( with 100MB+ free ).

    Whats wrong with standard protocols like ftp and http? The download is 22MB, what thought for people with 56K connections who like to download in segments?

    Go figure? I would have expected they would be aiming for the widest possible audience of propeller heads. Mozilla doesn't even have java support installed as standard...

  5. A quote from the site:

    "Sun Microsystems® and IBM® have defined J2EE™ as an industry standard to build enterprise web applications, which are living on networks and are accessible through browsers."

    IBM has defined J2EE? News to me ...
  6. IBM were the major driving force behind Enterprise Java, I don't think they talk about it much though.
  7. Just wondering to what degree of code generation this tool generates. Does it generate code from sequence, state and activity diagrams??? or just class diagrams. Dont have much time to look at this tool.
  8. So you need to have Rational's Rose or Together's ControlCenter for this tool to work? This can be an expensive combination to generate class diagram code. I prefer much simpler alternative such as EJBX. EJBX can do very much the same thing and you don't have to type as much.
  9. There are 4 possible interfaces to the WMEE.

    1) Rose plug-in
    2) TogetherJ plug-in
    3) ArgoUML (freeware UML tool) coming very soon (next week).
    4) WMD language (build in, high level,proprietary design language).
  10. The WMEE only uses UML class diagrams augmented with special stereotypes and tagged values.