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    some java web server does not provide the cgi path like JRun.So shall I dispatch a request to a cgi written by C and receive the response and then to browser?

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    Please be more descriptive about what you are asking.

    I think, but not sure if you are asking how do you get CGI access from Java. If you are using a servlet, you could always create a new URL and get the response data from the returned value of that CGI. The same would be true with a Java class, but then you are running a CGI to call a java class to call a CGI and that does not make sense.
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    But I don't know how to use cgi in an special application server such as Weblogic6.0.
    1.Could you tell me how to use cgi in Weblogic6.0?
    We can use RequestDispatcher to dispatch a request to 2.another Servlet,Jsp or HTML,could this be same to a cgi?
    3.can a session be passed from one application server to another application server?or from same application server located on different computers?