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    I cannot figure out how to add jar files the the classpath in Java. Can anyone help?

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    For example,

    if you wished to add ant.jar which is in the directory
    c:\ant\lib\ant.jar to the classpath,

    from a dos shell type
    c:> set classpath=%classpath%;c:\ant\lib\ant.jar

    Alternatively you can set it in your environment variables. this will save you having to set the classpath everytime you open a dos shell. Environment variables are set through the control panel -> system


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    Another way to add to your classpath is through the java command line.

    e.g. jar to add: c:\blah\blah.jar

    Command line:
    java -classpath %classpath%;c:\blah\blah.jar ClassToExecute

    In UNIX environments, replace %classpath% with $CLASSPATH, ';' with ':' and '\' with '/'.