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    Hi All:

    I guess in my message, I will not come up with something new rather I will not ask a technical question to whoever reads my Message. But all I want to mention here, is one simple thing ( Java needs more Marketing Efforts from all people developers, Big companies in the field [sepcially Sun, and those of App server like BEA,... and others]).

    In my Company, we are partners to MicroSoft, and hell on their way of marketing. The world isn't only technical, Money always talks. So, What I want to fire in here, is simply, I am trying to convience my managers in the company with what Java is and how technical rich it is and services it provides. Moreover, What is J2EE and what can you do with it to give a complete Enterprise Solutions to Clients/Business,......

    I joined my company recently, and I found these MicroSoft Terror, they are leading the world with their way of Marketing and bluffing with all people, they can sell very good actually. In the other Hand, I found Sun is reaaaaal good in everything except for Marketing. I didn't find anything that can support me in this War. Sites that can sell JAVA and Market JAVA from all views and services. the Answer is, Where are these Marketing plans of SUN, Java,... specially that .NET is about to be released and beleive it or not[weather .NET is good or bad ], .NET will win the game, and I guess you know the Answer now.

    If anyone can Help me please, to enable me Market JAVA that will be appreciated.
    Thanks for yout interest.

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    Yes, I agree with you. Without marketing efforts/investment, Java world would lose more fields in future. Windows is the platform used in my company, I don't see any advantage of it over cheaper&flexible platform like linux. But the purchase decision is usually made by less technical persons. Sigh ...
  3. Sun is in financial trouble and doesn't have the resources to promote Java.

    Microsoft markets their software and then SELLS it. Sun gives Java away for free. How does Sun make money? By selling very expensive servers that their free software runs on. But Java also runs on inexpensive servers (Intel, AMD, etc.)

    IBM does more to promote Java than Sun.
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    YOU are the best marketing person that SUN has for your company regarding Java.

    The basic idea of Sun is to promote Java from within. So if you believe enough in the suitability of Java and/or related technologies for your enterprise requirements, depending on what requirements your projects have, try and build a consensus lobby within your organization and try to map out a course to build those components or applications. And based on this map people like us (from the community) or the companies (like IBM etc., if you intend to buy their products) can help you and support you in your endeavors.

    And I would also like to add that there are certain requirements which are better suited for Microsoft products. Dont try to fight them too much in favor of Java. :-)

    Just realize that you should always try to find the best alternative and it not always may be the one we like.

    Good luck.

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