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    I am using a SFSB as a facade for a SLSB.
    What gives me best performance:

       public makeXXX()
         //lookup for SLSB
         SLSB s =home.create();

    or just

       public makeXXX(xx)
         //lookup for SLSB

    and not use remove for it?


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      I can´t understand the need for making a SFSB as a facade for a Stateless.

       I think in J2EE architecture it has no sense.
        or the SFSB isn´t ONLY as a facade? does it have logic inside?

        Jose R.
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    it is not only a facade, it is used(SFSB) for users that must have state and are logged into the system,
    the stateless beans act as wrappers for entities and as value object factories.
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    I don't understand how is this a facade. A facade is a unified interface to a set of sub-systems. If you only represent interations with the SLSB in your SFSB, then it is not a facade.
    Anyway, on a good App server implementation the two options will probably run at about the same speed, and the second may even run a bit faster (because it doesn't call remove).
    Anyway, that's what would happen in App servers I know :)

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    Thank you