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News OpenSymphony is dead: where do dead projects go? 17 July 01, 2011 Last post by: Will Iverson
News James Gosling's Stance on Java: I Could Hardly Care Less 16 June 30, 2011 Last post by: Eric Bowman
News The Java Community Has a Pathological Desire for Complexity, says Rod Johnson 47 June 16, 2011 Last post by: Reza Rahman
News NetBeans 7.0 is Now Available 2 April 21, 2011 Last post by: Cat Weazle
News The Future of Java: forking, death, or stasis? 35 October 07, 2010 Last post by: Bill Gates
News Gearing Up for JavaOne: How Will This Year Be Different? 5 September 17, 2010 Last post by: Cat Weazle
News On Promoting Dependency Injection with Google Guice 16 June 10, 2010 Last post by: Sergio Carabetta
News A $90 Fee (Fine?) for Non-ODF Compliant Office Users, and Now the Sky is Falling? 9 April 28, 2010 Last post by: Sergei Ivanov
News Has The License for OpenSolaris Changed with the Change to Solaris 10? 18 April 09, 2010 Last post by: Cameron McKenzie
News Gosling focuses on Jave EE 6 in TSS JS keynote 18 March 19, 2010 Last post by: augustientje bloem
News XNIO: A Better NIO For Java 12 March 09, 2010 Last post by: Matt Giacomini
News Hardening your application servers 6 February 04, 2010 Last post by: Sateesh Narahari
News Take the Java EE 6 Developer Surveys 8 July 20, 2009 Last post by: augustientje bloem
News New Article: Java EE 6 Overview 155 February 04, 2009 Last post by: Reza Rahman
News NetBeans IDE 6.5 Available for Download 48 November 20, 2008 Last post by: Werner Punz
News Sun Microsystems Swings to Big Quarterly Loss 82 October 21, 2008 Last post by: Cameron Purdy
News Tips and Tricks on PHP Data Services 4 October 13, 2008 Last post by: Jan de Jonge
News Sun protects itself, Javalobby wants to move on 57 August 24, 2004 Last post by: Sriram Gopalan