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News Microsoft Now Owns OR Mapping Industry via New Patent 159 May 24, 2005 Last post by: Jive User
News Kodak wins Java lawsuit 73 October 04, 2004 Last post by: PJ Murray
EJB design Delegates for tag handlers? 3 July 08, 2003 Last post by: Ian Butcher
EJB design Delegates for tag handlers? 3 July 08, 2003 Last post by: Ian Butcher
EJB design Warning theoretical question: DAO and Transactional behaviour 1 July 02, 2003 Last post by: Ian Butcher
News Opinion: Why Use SOAP? 56 March 20, 2003 Last post by: kureti eeswari
News Are any major companies using Tomcat or Jetty in production? 55 August 22, 2002 Last post by: Douglas Brandsen
News TheServerSide Interviews Microsoft's Doug Purdy on .NET and J2EE 268 July 19, 2002 Last post by: Cameron Purdy
News .NET vs. Oracle's Java PetShop Benchmark Round III 221 May 29, 2002 Last post by: Slem Slem
News J2SE1.4 Performance and Scalability Guide 13 February 08, 2002 Last post by: Ferhat SAVCI
News Microsoft releases Java-to-C# conversion tool 82 February 07, 2002 Last post by: Sean Yunt
News Sun to bundle iPlanet App. Server on Solaris, free Dev. Licenses 13 October 26, 2001 Last post by: Vinny Carpenter
EJB design EJB 1.1 Portability 1 October 10, 2001 Last post by: Ian Butcher
News Gartner says companies overspent $1 billion on app. servers 55 August 21, 2001 Last post by: glen ropella
News Oracle9i Application Server Ranks First in CRN Survey 24 July 03, 2001 Last post by: Rich Boyde
News EJB 2.0 Specification Release Review by Tyler 29 May 15, 2001 Last post by: Girish Eashwar
J2EE patterns Map Logical Entities to more than one EnterpriseBean 9 April 20, 2001 Last post by: qing yan