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Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks Web portals technology trends? 1 February 02, 2006 Last post by: Vincent Shek
News Guy Pardon: Transactional J2EE Apps with Spring 35 November 27, 2005 Last post by: Guy Pardon
News Todd Huss: Still too soon to move to J2SE 5.0 57 May 30, 2005 Last post by: Aero Dynex
News Using Event-Driven Architectures inside a JVM 13 October 14, 2004 Last post by: Alex V
News Ask TheServerSide: How many people are using XA transactions? 83 September 02, 2004 Last post by: Paul Campbell
EJB design Achieving synchronous behaviour to an asynchronous system 4 February 23, 2003 Last post by: Doron Sherman