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Industry news Why not .NET Web Control used with Java Servlet ? 1 December 14, 2006 Last post by: Colbert Philippe
News Cedric Beust on Untested Code 42 August 05, 2006 Last post by: Eduard Letifov
News "Sun T2000 Sax Sucks" points out what horizontal scalability is 16 April 21, 2006 Last post by: nasilyani olmadiki
News evolutionNext: "Inline XML in Java Code? WTF?" 55 October 30, 2005 Last post by: Eric Tavela
News JSR 250: Common Annotations for the Java Platform in early draft 11 March 24, 2005 Last post by: Pooja B
News Tim Bray: Java is boring 74 March 15, 2005 Last post by: N.C.Krishna Datta
News Sun warms to Dynamic Languages: Summit Held 57 December 09, 2004 Last post by: Randy B