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News Java-based persistence and the Google App Engine datastore 9 September 05, 2009 Last post by: Alberto Gimeno Brieba
News What would make you change languages? 31 January 17, 2008 Last post by: Eelco Hillenius
News Do You Know How to Optimize Your JVM? Video Tech Brief 44 October 03, 2007 Last post by: Denys Baranyuk
News Danny Ayers: JSON missing a link? 14 October 01, 2007 Last post by: Jin Chun
News Java is what it is 120 August 29, 2007 Last post by: Billy Sanarwanto
EJB design Hibernate VS TopLink VS CMP 12 July 23, 2007 Last post by: Carl Smotricz
News Jeff Cunningham: The ridiculous Java bashing needs to stop 71 April 13, 2007 Last post by: bnymn oner
News Inversoft releases Profanity Platform 1.0 37 March 21, 2007 Last post by: PJ Murray
News RIFE 1.5 released 12 August 01, 2006 Last post by: Edwin Mol
Blogs Tim Bray: Radical New Language Idea 4 September 15, 2005 Last post by: Carl Smotricz
News IBM promises to combine Rational with Eclipse 39 August 06, 2005 Last post by: Andy Gerweck