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News WEB4J - A Minimalist Java Web App Framework 136 May 16, 2008 Last post by: John O'Hanley
News Kohsuke Kawaguchi: GlassFish v3 just got embeddable 15 May 02, 2008 Last post by: Paul Peters
News Geronimo: Are its days numbered? 58 January 11, 2008 Last post by: Lauren Cooney
News Weiqi Gao: The Number One Ill of Java 36 August 03, 2007 Last post by: John Brand
EJB design How to handlle multiple ear and common database. 2 June 12, 2007 Last post by: Pawan Kumar
News Avoiding the Quagmire - Part II of Ted Neward's Vietnam paper 46 May 30, 2007 Last post by: Ted Neward
J2EE patterns RAX Pattern 6 March 23, 2007 Last post by: Pawan Kumar
J2EE patterns Evaluating Finance based mathametical expressions in XML & Java 5 March 23, 2007 Last post by: Pawan Kumar