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News from JavaOne 2016

Programmers and developers alike come from around the world to attend JavaOne 2016. Find out what this year's big hits are and what experts are expecting for Java and more in 2017.


At JavaOne 2016, there are over 450 Java-oriented sessions taking place. The world's most knowledgeable programmers and developers will be in attendance to share innovative Java ideas.

Here we'll cover the JavaOne 2016 key takeaways and latest news. Check back often to learn about the best sessions, the most hyped technologies and insights on what to expect in 2017.

1Looking back-

What happened at JavaOne 2015?

As we prepare for JavaOne 2016, it can help to take a look back at last year's conference. What was big in 2015? What were the expectations for 2016? Peruse last year's big takeaways and decide for yourself whether the experts cast their fortunes in the right direction.


What are big trends expected in 2016?

Steve Millidge, C2B2 consulting founder, sees microservices projects getting real in 2016 and gives advice on beating challenges and using Java EE development. Continue Reading


JavaOne 2015: The top seven takeaways

What were the big takeaways from JavaOne 2015 with regards to the Java platform? Here we take a look at seven key insights garnered from this year's JavaOne and Oracle Open World conferences. Continue Reading

Oracle OpenWorld takes on cloud computing

All cloud all the time. This blog is the source for news and views on cloud strategy, SaaS, PaaS and cloud development. Continue Reading


Java turns 20!

Twenty years is a pretty significant milestone, especially if you're a programming language. At JavaOne 2015, everyone is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Java programming language, and looking ahead at the challenges another 20 years will bring. Continue Reading


Microservices and containers with Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta of Couchbase talks about JavaOne 2015, microservices, container technologies and the relationship between long distance running and development. Continue Reading

2JavaOne 2016 expectations-

What's happening at JavaOne 2016?

Take a look at this section to see who the keynote speakers are, what topics the speakers are expected to talk about and the biggest trends at JavaOne 2016.


JavaOne 2016 showcases Java 9 once again

With no particularly new announcements surrounding the Java platform, JavaOne 2016 has a more subdued feel than conferences in years past. Continue Reading


Moving forward with reactive programming

If we learned one thing from the JavaOne 2016 keynotes, it's that the Java EE platform is built to enable reactive programming. Continue Reading


A more readable syntax with Java 9

Java has always been derided as being too verbose, especially when compared with languages like Groovy or Scala. But, according to Brian Goetz, that's all about to change after Java 9. Continue Reading


What JShell brings to JDK

At JavaOne 2016, Oracle's chief architect of the Java platform group, Mark Reinhold, discusses the addition of JShell. Learn why he's excited. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Java EE moving to the cloud is a priority

Enterprise Java was a topic of intense focus during the opening keynote at the JavaOne 2016 conference this year. As expected, Oracle had many proposals for how the EE platform can be made more ... Continue Reading

Blog Post

Will Docker have the Java platform contained?

While Java and the JDK are all 'steady as she goes' at JavaOne, Docker and container talk generate excitement. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Talking digital transformation at JavaOne

Why is customers' rapid adoption of mobile devices and social media is spurring an increase in businesses' digital transformation. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Looking from Jenkins World to JavaOne 2016

What's hot in the world of Java development? Hands down, it's container technology, as evidenced by the attention it has garnered at both JavaOne and Jenkins World. Continue Reading


Bert Ertman on microservices

Chop up a poorly designed legacy monolithic application into pieces and what have you got? An accumulation of microservices that is unlikely to yield better results. Continue Reading


How the benefits of microservices are growing

As businesses see microservices' benefits begin to accrue, IT may find itself facing a new set of challenges regarding implementation and continuing management. Continue Reading


Easing stress of change management for digital transformation

What's hard about change management for digital transformation projects? A Capgemini expert explains why the scope of change is daunting and gives advice. Continue Reading


What's different about digital transformation projects?

Learn about differences between a digital transformation project from business transformation and application modernization projects in this video with Capgemini's Rahul Gupta. Continue Reading


Working in Agile training and bringing software engineers on board

Learn how Akamai's Jessica McPeake is applying Agile development techniques to technical training programs. Continue Reading

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