Are mobile developers more apt to embrace cloud-based technologies?

When there's no knowing how big the workload is going to be, mobile developers have no other choice than to embrace cloud-based technologies.

Why is it that mobile developers are more apt to embrace cloud-based technologies into their solution architecture? That's the question we posed to Jim Farrell (@jimrafar), Joyent's Director of Market Development.

"The amount of mobile users, internet connections and concurrent connections is changing dramatically," Farrell said, pointing to the fact that in countries such as India and China, low-cost smartphones, and even tablets, are becoming more and more commonplace, meaning that a popular application or service can go viral at any moment, at any time of the day, requiring that organizations have the ability to respond, in real time, to significant spikes in usage.

"With a mobile device, you're not going to be able to tell how many users you are going to get. You could have ten customers today and ten thousand tomorrow," Farrell said. "The cloud is pretty good at allowing you to go from 10 to 10,000, simply with the click of a button, or run application program interface scripts that can automatically turn on hundreds of machines for two days and then scale down." It's this type of scaling up and scaling down capability that doesn't require a massive initial investment in capital, which appeals to many who are dabbling in the mobile space.

But Farrell is quick to point out that it's not just mobile applications that are leveraging the cloud. Enterprise applications that don't have the luxury of a well-defined or finite user base are also susceptible to intermittent usage spikes, giving them the need to scale instantly as well. And the scalability requirement is key, because it not only pushes clients to the cloud, but it endears them to highly scalable technologies, such as Scala and Node.js.

"Even enterprises are having a hard time predicting usage, which is why they are not only embracing the cloud, but embracing open source technologies such as Node.js that allow them to scale differently."

Watch the full interview to see and hear more of what Jim Farrell had to say to TheServerSide about Node.js, cloud computing and the manner in which Joyent technologies scale when compared with others in their sector.

Is cloud computing helping to accelerate your mobile development? Let us know what you think about how cloud based technologies aid with mobile development.


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