Expert insights on the challenges of mobile DevOps and cloud based testing

The big vendors in the mobile DevOps space have been slow to move, which has allowed a number of niche players to lead the way in the world of mobile software ALM and cloud based testing. Here's how Perfecto Mobile is making a name for themselves in this space.

As we gear up for JavaOne 2014, TheServerSide is looking back over the previous year and putting the spotlight on various individuals and organizations that have not only been great contributors to the site, but also great contributors to the Java ecosystem as a whole.

Kicking off this series, the first organization we are tipping our hat to is Perfecto Mobile. Perfecto Mobile is in the highly competitive space of DevOps for Mobile platforms. There are a number of organizations that have made a big name for themselves by delivering testing and continuous integration solutions for what might be considered more traditional, desktop applications delivered through the web, but the mobile landscape is different.

A successful app requires a well-thought out strategy.

Eran Kinsbruner ,
Perfecto Mobile

The wild west of software testing

Mobile computing presents entirely new challenges that most organizations who are dipping their toes into the smartphone pool for the first time are ill equipped to handle, and in many cases, the big vendors that dominate the enterprise landscape simply haven't been agile enough to have provided comprehensive solutions of their own. With their cloud based solutions for quality testing and application monitoring, Perfecto is carving out quite a niche for themselves in this market.

Of course, the intention here isn’t to come off as a shill for Perfecto. Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a mobile testing app or not, you’ve got to respect the work Perfecto Mobile’s Eran Kinsbruner has done promoting Java, DevOps, testing and quality code management in the enterprise computing space. As the Editor-in-Chief of, I get a boatload of companies wanting to contribute an article on a given topic, when in reality, all they’re really trying to do is self-promotion. Kinsbruner on the other hand, when asked for his insights on a given topic, does exactly that: he provides insights, without going on some unwanted tangent of self-promotion.

Insights into the challenges of mobile DevOps

Knowing Eran’s long history in world of application testing, a history that goes back to the end of the last century, we asked if he could provide some guidance to the members of our audience who were struggling with the development and deployment of their mobile applications. That request translated into the following two articles, both of which have not only received a high number of hits on the site, but have also garnered a much higher than average retention time, which means readers are taking note of what Kisnbruner has to say:

Testing strategies and mobile monitoring are keys to the mobile ALM process

Proven strategies for avoiding mobile development pitfalls

And along with contributing to the community, Perfecto always seems to have a notable presence at various user conferences, especially setting up and backing many of the smaller conferences that need the sponsorship the most. It was at EclipseCon 2014 where we ran into Perfecto’s Sveta Kostinsky who provided her insights on what people should be looking for in a mobile testing tool:

Three most important criteria for choosing mobile testing tools

One of the great things  about being on the journalism side of the IT industry is the fact that I get to interact with a long list of intelligent and engaging people who are solving some of the most esoteric problems and addressing some of the most difficult challengers software architects and mobile application designers are facing. Organizations like Perfecto Mobile and people like Eran Kinsbruner are entities that rank highly on that list.

What are some of the lessons you have learned while developing mobile applications? Let us know your experiences.

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