How 'big data' solutions solve real-time content management problems

Aggregating and processing millions of records in a real-time content management system means putting big data and NoSQL solutions to the test.

How does an organization develop and deploy a real-time content management system that provides meaningful and pertinent information to its end users when thousands of news feeds are funneling millions of pieces of data into its content stores every hour? This is the 'big-data', big-content challenge that Harish Ramachandran, co-founder and project manager at CIGNEX Datamatix was forced to deal with when a global media conglomerate asked for help in both managing their data and producing content for their various consumers, which included everyone from online readers to  the editors and writers who were putting stories together for the evening news.

It's a modern big-data problem that required a big-data and NoSQL solution that tapped into every aspect of the organization's IT infrastructure. In this video with Harish, we hear how CIGNEX addressed its real-time content management problem and produced a big-data, big-content solution that worked.

How are you applying big-data solutions to traditional enterprise computing problems? Let us know how you are using big-data. And for more big-data and CMS insight, follow Cameron McKenzie on twitter (@potemcam)


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