Is PaaS as dangerous as it seems? Cloudbees bust some cloud computing myths

Is cloud computing as dangerous as it seems? From open source do-it-yourself types to organizations who fear the lack of standards, there are plenty of myths to dispel. Here Cloudbee's Sacha Labourey provides the truth behind the cloud computing FUD.

As JavaOne 2014 quickly approaches, TheServerSide is profiling both the people and the vendors who have continued to contribute both to the site, and also to the betterment of the Java community as a whole. These are the people you'll want to hear speak when you attend JavaOne 2014 sessions, and they're the vendors you'll want to chat with when you see their people manning the booths in the exhibit hall.

Last week we took a look at Perfecto Mobile, a company helping with test automation and user experience (UX) monitoring in the cloud. Continuing with the theme of cloud computing, this week we're bringing attention to Cloudbeees, the industry's number one continuous integration solution in the cloud.

Pouring on the honey

It would appear that everyone in the Java ecosystem loves Jenkins, while at the same time, every organization seems to be moving more and more of their infrastructure to the cloud. So what's not to love about a company that combines them both? Continuous integration, powered by Jenkins, all in the cloud? It's a pretty compelling catch phrase, that's for sure.

But beyond the tag line and the fact that Cloudbees has been managing to effectively deliver on their promise since their inception, the management team at Cloudbees is made up of names and faces, such as former Oracle executive and Cloudbees SVP Steven Harris, along with their CTO and creator of Jenkins CI Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who have given back to the community in ways that extend far beyond the corporate mandate of the company. The CEO, Sacha Labourey is always the first person TheServerSide calls when it wants insight into topics ranging from cloud computing and PaaS, to technical insights into the state of server side Java. And not only does Labourey offer his insights and expertise in kind, he has also been friendly enough to provide a number of articles and tips intended to help further TheServerSide's audience's understanding of PaaS, cloud computing and the use of continuous integration tools such as Jenkins.

The following tips, written by the Cloudbees CEO, effectively dispel some of the most common myths and misconceptions people have about PaaS and SaaS based offerings, and each article is well worth the read:

  1. Not all PaaS offerings are the same
  2. PaaS isn't just for the little guy
  3. PaaS is about more than just application deployment and management
  4. The DevOps versus PaaS myth: Smart IT shop make them work together
  5. With some open source help, I can implement a PaaS myself
  6. Does a lack of PaaS standards mean you're locked in to your cloud provider?

Cloudbees will no doubt be making their presence known in the JavaOne exhibitors hall and all around the OracleWorld event as a whole. If you get a chance, check out their booth, talk to some of the team members, and find out why Cloudbees remains one of the most respected vendors in the Java community.

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What is your experience with CI in the cloud? Let us know.

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