Security, scalability, big data and performance monitoring in the cloud

Experts on the exhibit floor at the Red Hat Summit 2013 provided great insights into the issues of cloud security, scalability, big data usage and performance.

It has been about a month since the 2013 RedHat Summit in Boston, and while many of the news related articles and announcements tend to get filed before the end of the day, many of the interviews and discussions TheServerSide's editorship has with attendees and vendors on the exhibit floor don't get pushed out for a week or two after the show. Here's a recap of some of the interesting interviews that have been recently published from the conference.

Cloud computing was certainly the big topic of discussion at the Redhat Summit.

Cameron McKenzie, Editor-in-Chief of TheServerSide

Cloud computing plays dominate the exhibition hall

Cloud computing was certainly the big topic of discussion, and in this interview with Zadara Storage, Noam Shendar explains why RedHat is so excited about OpenStack, while at the same time explaining how Zadara is integrating OpenStack technology into their own products:

What is OpenStack and what is its role in open source cloud computing?

The threat posed by consumer cloud services

If enterprise organizations building cloud computing platforms with software like OpenStack represents one end of the spectrum, then surely the other end is populated by the small, fun, easy to use cloud based applications that employees are installing locally on their corporate desktops, much to the chagrin of the chief security officers who are tasked with keeping systems secure and data on premises. In this video interview, Matt Richards of ownCloud talks about the BYOCD, Bring Your Own Cloud Device, problem, and how secure alternatives to popular solutions like Dropbox are a must for organizations that want to keep their data private and secure:

What is the bigger threat: a BYOD mindset, or consumer cloud services in the workplace?

Optimizing performance in cloud based systems

And of course, no discussion of cloud computing is complete without a discussion about how deploying applications to cloud based environments changes the game: from how applications get monitored at runtime, to how performance bottlenecks arise. In this interview with Greg Howard of AppDynamics, we find out how hypervisors and virtualized environments wreak havoc with traditional monitoring software, and we learn what AppDynamics is doing to modernize performance management systems:

Optimizing app performance in a cloud computing environment

Big data was built for the cloud

And finally, TheServerSide got a chance to talk with Danielle Tomlinson of Hortonworks about the role big data is playing in modern enterprise development, and how software developers who are interested in updating their skills can start learning Hadoop right away by taking advantage of the Hortonworks Sandbox:

Learning to use Hadoop big data processing features to mine data

All in all, the RedHat Summit was a great conference, as the stewards of the JBoss name push free software to new limits as they move beyond Linux towards a world of hybrid based, open-source cloud computing software and support.

Are you using OpenStack? We want to know how your experience with open source, cloud computing software is going.

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