Solve 'big data' problems with a MySQL cluster, NoSQL

Can relational and NoSQL databases work well together? Craigslist made it happen with a MySQL cluster and MongoDB.

How does Craigslist manage not only the incredible amount of postings that inundate the site on a daily basis, but also deal with the billion and a half records that the company must archive and maintain for compliance reasons? It's a "big data" problem on a massive scale, and it's a problem that pushes standard relational database systems beyond their bounds.


In this interview, 10Gen Inc.'s Samantha Kosko tells the story of how Craigslist brought together a MySQL cluster and NoSQL technologies. The company went on to create a flexible, manageable and scalable system that not only meets the relational demands of its front end systems, but also meets the nonrelational demands of its back end.

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