Ubuntu's Jono Bacon on effective distributed team collaboration

In this interview, Ubuntu's community manager Jono Bacon discusses effective IT team collaboration techniques within a distributed community.

Have you ever wondered how those big open-source projects manage to corral individuals and talent around the globe, effectively employ distributed team collaboration techniques? In the end, just how do they manage to bring new product versions in on time and release new milestones according to schedule? It is, no doubt, a challenge, but according to Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu community manager, it's not nearly as difficult as one might imagine.

In this interview with Ubuntu's community manager, Jono Bacon discusses common challenges faced by distributed IT teams, while providing tips and techniques on how to keep developers motivated and managers and other stakeholders involved.

How does the Ubuntu community manage to make distributed team collaboration work while keeping all of the important stakeholders happy? The short answer: It's all about trust and transparency. And while Ubuntu has made trust and transparency a cornerstone of this successful open source project, the same values also apply to the enterprise development community.

"The same thing essentially maps to companies as well," says Jono. "You want to make sure your senior management understands what's going on. And you want to make sure that your engineers are very clear, at the detail level, about what they need to do."

For more insights and tips about making distributed team collaboration function well, take a look at the corresponding video.

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