What is OpenStack and what is its role in open source cloud computing?

Red Hat is throwing their weight behind open source cloud computing by commoditizing the OpenStack project in the same way they did Linux.

In an effort to commoditize the world of open source cloud computing, Red Hat is throwing their weight behind OpenStack in the same way they threw their weight behind Linux over a dozen years ago.

But what is OpenStack, who is behind it, how can it be used and are any organizations of significant size and stature that are actually using it in production? These are the questions we posed to Noam Shendar, Zadara's vice president of business development.

"OpenStack brings a cloud infrastructure solution that is supported by hundreds and hundreds of different companies around the world," said Shendar when posed with the question as to what exactly OpenStack is. "This means it has a vibrant ecosystem, and it has a product that itself is robust enough for enterprise applications and very, very large service provider installments."

Watch the interview here not only to find out more about OpenStack, but to hear about how Zadara Storage actually builds their virtual private storage arrays around the technology.

Let us know how you are using OpenStack in production systems.

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