JavaOne 2011 news, views and conference coverage's editors will be on the spot at JavaOne 2011, so watch this page for news and session coverage of this major Java conference.

The Oct. 2-6  JavaOne 2011 Conference promises to deliver the latest news and technical advice on the evolution of the Java platform, Java and cloud computing, emerging tools and languages, software test and application lifecycle management and more. JavaOne occurs in tandem with Oracle OpenWorld 2011 in San Francisco. Check our sister site for further coverage on Oracle OpenWorld 2011.'s editors will be on the spot at JavaOne 2011, so watch this page for news and session coverage of this major Java conference. Stay tuned for reports about JavaOne 2011 keynotes, product announcements and sessions, as well as in-depth interviews with JavaOne speakers and attendees. 

JavaOne 2011 Conference coverage:

Is Java EE7's cloud focus too narrow?
The upcoming Java EE7 release is focused on cloud computing, but at JavaOne 2011 some Java experts wondered if that's a good thing. "The emphasis on cloud features in Java EE7 distracts from other features," said panelist Reza Rahman. He's rather the focus was on innovation and great improvements in the platform itself. Innovation isn't just needed in the platform, he said. "Java EE7 vendors need to step up."

How BI + ALM = ALI and real-time application traceability
Pairing business intelligence with application lifecycle management (ALM) promises to deliver real-time application requirements traceability and simplify change management, said Kelly Emo, HP director of applications product marketing, in a JavaOne 2011 interview.

Apache Camel news from JavaOne 2011
During a video interview at JavaOne 2011, Rob Davies, CTO of FuseSource and Apache Camel committer talked a bit about what's new for the Apache Camel project. The Apache community is now deciding what's going into Camel 3, which may be out as soon as next year.

Java on the iPhone at JavaOne - But would Apple ever allow it?
In an effort to demonstrate just how far the tentacles of their new HTML5 based strategy will reach, Oracle’s Cameron Purdy and Adam Messinger demonstrated the deployment of a cross-platform application, written of course in Java, that would run on Windows based machines, machines running that operating system that shall not be named at any Oracle conference, and finally, to everyone’s delight: iOS.

Oracle user leader cheers Oracle Form release, bemoans app requirements challenges
What OracleWorld/JavaOne 2011 product announcement will make a big difference in daily life of the majority of application developers and project managers in the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG)? It’s Oracle 11g R2 Forms, according to Mike Riley, ODTUG president. Not only will 11g R2 be useful, he said, but the announcement assures forms developers that Oracle will continue to support Oracle Forms in the Oracle Fusion Middleware application infrastructure stack.

Project Avatar: One HTML strategy to rule them all
Perhaps the most interesting and forward-thinking announcement to come out of the JavaOne keynotes is the unveiling of a new HTML5 development strategy that has been dubbed Project Avatar.

OSGi leads application development into the future
At JavaOne 2011, Peter Kriens gave two informative talks about OSGi and also led the Birds of a Feather group for OSGi as well. Kriens sessions explained why, despite the difficulties it presents, implementing modularity with OSGi is valuable for today's application developers.

What did we learn from the Monday morning JavaOne keynote?
We learned that JavaFX isn’t dead. In fact, JavaFX 2.0 is alive and kicking, and not only that, but it’s flexible enough for you to toss it right into any of your existing Swing based applications, giving you the ability to use a hot new technology to update your old Swing applications. That should excite about two people.

Coverity announcement includes integrations with HP and other ALM tools
On October 3rd, Coverity announced Coverity 5.5, a new release of their development testing platform, along with integration with major ALM vendor HP. Coverity provides static analysis of machine code uncovering defects early in the development lifecycle.


Preconference coverage:

JavaOne: The best sessions to Bien
There’s all sorts of gold being presented at JavaOne this year, but here are the names of a couple of speakers that never fail to deliver. Add them to your schedule if there's still availability in any of their sessions: Adam Bien, Reza Rahman, and Martijn Verburg

Continuous integration methods improve application deployment
Continuous integration in application development has been software pro Manfred Moser’s specialty since 2000. He's been through build servers from Anthill to Apache Continuum to Atlassian and others. But at the 2011 JavaOne Conference, Moser is speaking on “Using Hudson for a lot more than just Continuous Integration.” He will discuss the Hudson CI server and its uses outside of continuous integration. Moser described continuous integration challenges and benefits in the enterprise, mobile, cloud, and Android realms in this interview with TheServerSide’s editors.

Simplify continuous integration with Hudson
After using all of these continuous integration servers, why favor Hudson? Moser explains why he believes continuous integration with Hudson is the way to go in this interview with staff. He explores Hudson’s benefits; how to get started with a Hudson build; choosing scripting tools; using Groovy, Ruby and other languages with Hudson; Hudson and Android; and more.

Does OracleWorld overshadow JavaOne?
The Java community spoke out after TheServerSide's own Cameron McKenzie brought up the ill feelings many Java developers hold about Oracle's OpenWorld taking center stage at Moscone Center while JavaOne plays down the street at the Hilton Hotel. Check out Cameron's editorial and the Java community's response.

Looking to JavaOne 2011 with Apache expert Rob Davies
Java expert and current CTO of FuseSource Rob Davies discusses his eagerness to attend and present at JavaOne 2011, and what sessions enterprise architects will want to head for while they're there. Davies also gives us a sneak peek at his talk on complex events processing with Apache Camel.

SAP and Oracle follow in Microsoft,’s footsteps with PaaS
Word on the street has it that Oracle is preparing to unveil its own PaaS offering at OpenWorld. Indeed, with Exalogic, Exadata, Fusion Middleware and WebLogic with Oracle Enterprise Manager as the front end to control it, Oracle has all the pieces.

JavaOne 2010 coverage:

2010 was the first year that the JavaOne conference was held in conjunction with Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop. Our reporters were right there with their fingers on the pulse of the Java community, feeling the ups and downs of a transition that was uncomfortable for some. Despite the change in accommodations, JavaOne 2010 still brought flocks of Java developers out to learn, explore and network with other Java enthusiasts.

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