New Product Listing from JavaOne 2004

Check out the 2004 product offerings from JavaOne.

10art-ni Corporation
TenArtni Ninja-VA is a Java, J2EE Framework that can help you reduce development time. Ninja-VA's high level functions let you concentrate on solving business problems rather than designing your application architecture.

SmartRisk™ Analyzer scans Java and C/C++ binary executables to identify, categorize and prioritize security vulnerabilities. It displays results in the original source code to identify the root cause of the vulnerabilities and generates developer/QA reports. It is designed for internal code reviews and acceptance testing of outsourced code.

Agitar Software
Agitator exercises Java code and presents observations about code behavior to developers, who can convert valid observations to unit tests. This process, called Software Agitation, helps developers create unit tests, edit and expand their code, and identify bugs early.

Altova® mapforce™ 2004 is a visual XML, database, and EDI mapping tool for integration projects. Altova® mapforce™ 2004 generates style sheets and program code in multiple output languages, such as XSLT, Java, C++, and C#, to enable the programmatic XML-to-XML, Database-to-XML, XML-to-Database, EDI-to-XML, and EDI-to-Database mappings.

Aqris Software AS
RefactorIT 2.0 provides over 30 automated refactorings, a graphical dependency analyzer, and over 100 metrics and audits that make it possible to analyze and track large volumes of code. It may be used as a stand-alone tool or installed as an add-in to NetBeans, JDeveloper, JBuilder, and Eclipse.

Borland Software Corporation
Borland® Optimizeit™ ServerTrace 3 allows pre-deployment and production teams to identify, diagnose and resolve business-threatening performance hazards. Optimizeit ServerTrace provides high-level application performance analysis and root-cause diagnostics that closes the loop back to development teams, helping resolve performance issues across distributed J2EE and SOA-enabled systems.

Borland Software Corporation
Borland® Deployment Op-Center: cross-platform infrastructure software management solution, introduced to help businesses to control costs, manage change, and increase reliability in their IT operations

Borland® Enterprise Server 6, AppServer™ Edition: an application server for J2EE™ platform applications and Web Services.

Borland® Janeva™: designed to provide interoperability between Microsoft® .NET Framework applications and J2EE™ and CORBA® infrastructures

Canoo Engineering AG
Canoo is planning to release a new tool for UltraLightClient: a drag and drop UI designer for Eclipse. The ULC Visual Editor for Eclipse will be available at the end of June 04.

OptimalJ 3.2 generates working applications directly from visual models. Through patterns and model-driven application design, OptimalJ decreases the need for extensive coding and design skills.

DataDirect Technologies
DataDirect Connect for SQL/XML allows Java applications to build XML documents using SQL queries with SQL 2003's SQL/XML extensions and extracts information from XML documents to update relational data. Connect for SQL/XML provides developers a consistent, standards-based way to create XML from relational data that works without change across major databases.

Enerjy Software
Enerjy Thread Profiler helps Java developers find and fix thread problems in their applications, and helps them better comprehend thread-processing considerations as they develop their Java project.

ArcWeb Services offer a way to include GIS content and capabilities in your applications without having to host the data or develop the necessary tools yourself. They are composed of spatial data and GIS functionality delivered via the Internet to either ArcGIS or to a custom Web application.

JSF Studio 1.0 is a commercial implementation of an IDE for Sun's new JavaServer Faces technology. Find out more at . JSF Studio allows you to visually edit your JSF applications, using a drag-and-connect approach, without sacrificing any source-level control.

Excelsior JET is a J2SE Java VM with ahead-of-time compilation, designed to improve performance, scalability, and protection of your Java applications. Available for Microsoft Windows since 2000, Excelsior JET now comes to Linux on the Intel IA-32 (x86) platform.

FiveSight Technologies, Inc.
FiveSight PXE (Process Execution Engine) is an implementation of the BPEL standard. PXE provides the component for BPM tools and applications and is available for free download and evaluation by software developers and architects. PXE comes with extensive documentation and examples.

Gentleware AG
The Enterprise Edition of Poseidon for UML allows collaborative modeling. The project is managed at the server, while modifications of the model by a client will be deployed to all affected clients immediately. All clients are kept in sync with the server and all other clients in real-time.

GigaSpaces Technologies
The new GigaSpaces release introduces a distributed-caching implementation based on clustered JavaSpaces. The 3.2 release of the GigaSpaces software engine offers application developers a standard Java Map interface, in addition to the JavaSpaces API. Real-time, distributed business applications can improve their read performance.
The new GigaSpaces engine assures consistency and coherency in read-mostly scenarios with highly concurrent applications by utilizing an effective optimistic locking mechanism.

Gluecode Software
Gluecode BPM Server 3.5 is a business process management solution that combines a graphical process designer with a process execution engine. Gluecode BPM Server automates and manages business processes which can include system-based tasks, human-based workflows, and orchestration of web services.

DB2 Universal Database Stinger is designed to help customers simplify and automate many of the tasks associated with maintaining database management systems. The new software delivers 200 new features that ease database administration, broaden support for popular application development environments and improve system performance.

ICEsoft Technologies Inc
ICEbrowser SDK 6.0, ICEreader SDK 6.0, ICEpdf

AppSight J2EE captures, communicates, and pinpoints the root cause of production J2EE application problems. By providing root cause analysis and streamlining communication for the problem resolution team, AppSight J2EE reduces problem resolution time and improves application availability and performance, reducing application support costs.

InetSoft Technology Group
InetSoft’s new Analytic Edition of Style Report 6.0 is a Java based, integrated enterprise reporting and business analytic solution. It consolidates production reporting, interactive reporting, ad-hoc reporting and ROLAP/MOLAP analysis into a web interface. This BI solution is provided as a J2EE drop-in ready web application.

InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield allows you to author MSI, InstallScript™, and cross-platform installations, and extend them to configure database servers, web services, and mobile devices with one, cross-platform tool.

Intersperse, Inc.
Intersperse Manage™ discovers, monitors, and manages J2EE applications deployed on Application, Integration, Process, or Portal Servers. Manager provides market-moving capabilities including deep environment auto-discovery, Service Level Agreement management, logical environment partitioning, and tools to enable service-oriented applications to self-manage, self-heal and self-protect.

Intrinsyc Software International

J-Integra for Exchange makes it possible for Java applications to have access to Exchange Server objects like folders, messages, contacts, journals, and even calendar items without the need to write complex native code. J-Integra for Exchange exposes Exchange objects via APIs that are familiar to Java developers.

iTKO, Inc.

LISA 2.5, released in June 2004, is no-code automated testing software that allows the entire team to own quality. LISA software uses "inline testing" to interact with live websites, J2EE layers and web services.

JBoss Inc.

JBoss Inc. recently released a number of new open source Java products including JBoss Application Server 4.0, JBoss AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Nukes 1.0 (Java content management system), and JBoss Cache 1.0

Jinfonet Software

JReport combines production and ad hoc reporting with analysis. JReport server integrates into any environment and is scalable with load balancing and fail-over. With JReport, you can dynamically create reports, share information, and analyze data via the Web.


JSQLMapper™ is a bi-directional data mapping tool that eliminates the need to construct custom code in order to bring relational data into XML format. It allows for linking of business applications with the creation of relational data entries into a standards based XML format and a map of those entries into a relational data source.

Kinzan, Inc.

Kinzan Studio enables the assembly of web applications across both the Java (TM) platform and the Microsoft (R) .NET Framework.

M7 Corporation

M7 NitroX was created to meet the needs of Java developers building JSP or Struts-based applications. NitroX provides features such as AppXRay, source & visual JSP Editor, Struts Editor and Consistency Checker.


Macromedia Flex is a presentation server and application framework that helps enterprise programmers develop Rich Internet Applications. The Flex server delivers runtime services along with a standards-based, declarative programming methodology and workflow for developing and deploying rich client applications that run in the ubiquitous Flash client runtime.

MacSense Connectivity & GlooLabs, Inc.

The HomePod is a Java-based digital audio player that transmits music files from your Mac, PC or Linux box over an existing wired or wireless network so you can listen to your music collection through built-in HomePod speakers or through your home stereo system.


Visual MainWin is a cross-platform development tool that brings C# and Visual Basic .NET to the J2EE platform. It introduces an ASP.NET front-end architecture to J2EE applications. Visual MainWin simplifies .NET/J2EE application integration using a unified J2EE architecture.

MAKE Technologies

Standards Based Automation (SBA) - accelerates the completion of Java code while instilling necessary standards, protocols, languages & platform specific functionality on an ongoing, sustainable level. Latest version now provides a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE.

SBA v4.5 - Standards Based Automation version 4.5 is now available for the Eclipse IDE. This J2EE code generation software automates aspects of Enterprise-class application development. Also being launched is SBA Pro - a single developer license version with basic features. A trial download of SBA Pro is available.


Nexaweb provides a software platform for developing and deploying Enterprise Internet Applications. The Nexaweb platform separates business logic from application presentation to provide a framework for the development and deployment of Internet applications. Version 3.0 released on March 9, 2004

Nokia SEGA Mobile

SNAP Mobile: Nokia, Sun, and Sega Mobile bring co-operatively multiplayer gaming and communities to mass market Java terminals. Nokia’s SNAP Mobile multiplayer and community technology, Sun’s development tools, and Sega’s multiplayer game content create a multiplayer game and community solution for mobile operators and service providers.

No Magic, Inc.

Eternity Virtual Secure Drive, EVSD, is an online data backup solution for both companies and individuals. EVSD is a fat client, Java standalone application, not a browser applet. The EVSD system provides secure and private online data storage services accessible anytime and anywhere via any Internet connection. Each user has several encryption options they can choose before their data is transferred to the backup servers. While data is stored on the backup servers, it will remain stored in an encrypted format. Backup and restore operations can be scheduled for automatic transfer. Thereafter, backups will be mirrored to several secured server sites. EVSD provides you with two very valuable benefits: It not only protects you from the loss of your data, but also protects you from the loss of confidentiality in your data.

ObjectFX Corporation

ObjectFX provides SpatialFX, a Java-based software platform that enables the integration of dynamic location-based services such as mapping, vehicle routing, address geocoding and other spatial operations into enterprise applications. Users of applications built on the SpatialFX™ Platform can view and interact with real-time, integrated views of information in a location-based context.


JOnAS 4.1 - Open-source implementation of J2EE 1.4. JOnAS is undergoing certification for compliance with J2EE 1.4. Pure Java, fully open-source (LGPL), JOnAS comes with full documentation.


Ontometrics is developing tools for optimizing the human factor in software development through skills-based testing, scoring and tutorials. Our framework includes plugins for authoring code-based tutorials and tests which are auto-correcting.

OpenLogic, Inc.

BlueGlue provides Java and LAMP developers with a way to select, install, configure and maintain their development infrastructure.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle JDeveloper 10g offers an open productivity framework with visual and declarative tools to. JDeveloper let's you choose your tools, development style, and deployment platform.


RIGIN-J is an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine developed for running on resource-constrained systems, such as embedded systems and smart cards.

Plumtree Software

Plumtree Software's offers a Web environment for users to interact with different systems and collaborate. The Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite provides a framework open to various J2EE development environments and application servers, enabling Java developers to build service-oriented applications.

PointBase/DataMirror Mobile Solutions

PointBase has released version 5.0 of its PointBase Embedded and PointBase Micro Java relational databases, and PointBase UniSync, its Java-based bi-directional data synchronization product on June 1, 2004.

Recursion Software, Inc.

CINERGI enables architects to design a new application using functionality extracted from existing applications no matter what platform the original application was developed in or what platform the new application is being developed in. CINERGI supports Java(tm), C++, .Net (C#), COBRA and SOAP platforms. CINERGI has a graphical user interface that takes the developer through the necessary steps:
• Create a project or task
• Import the business logic
• Map the business logic into another language
• Generate the business logic in another language

Skyway Software

Skyway Builder™, a codeless, graphical environment for building applications and web services by automating standard development tasks from basic coding through to application deployment.

SlickEdit Inc.

Visual SlickEdit v9, a development workbench with a code editor available. Now with C++ Refactoring, and a Java GUI builder, Visual SlickEdit enables developers to create, edit, build, run & debug projects.

Snowbound Software

FlexSnap for the Java™ Platform is an imaging applet that enables users to display and manipulate over 40 specialized document and image formats right in a Web browser. FlexSnap is configurable to enable or disable any icon or menu item, to control the ability to create, view or edit annotations, to customize file selection methods, and numerous other functions with minimal engineering effort.

Software FX, Inc.

Chart FX for Java is a Java component that uses JSP technology to produce charts in PNG, JPEG, SVG and FLASH formats. Developed using JDK 1.4, it supports J2EE 1.3 and J2SE 1.4. Chart FX for Java is available as a Server-side Bean and an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) that runs on popular Java Application Servers. It includes a Designer, a Resource Center with the Programmers Guide, the Javadoc API and hundreds of samples.


Kodo Sync allows data stored in a central database to be available to your application while you are disconnected from the central database. Then, when your application re-connects to the network, Kodo Sync can automate the process of synchronizing the modifications you made while offline back to the central database.

Sonic Software

Sonic ESB is an enterprise service bus that enables companies to integrate applications across the extended enterprise using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA). Highly distributed, yet centrally manageable, the ESB overcomes limitations of monolithic integration technologies to create an event-driven enterprise SOA which can adapt to changing business requirements.

SyncOBs, Inc.

PackFrame™ provides a sound base framework in the form of a data dictionary and an automatic component generation process based on the J2EE platform.

Tangosol, Inc.

Coherence 2.4 is the new release of Tangosol’s HA-clustering and distributed data management software for Java and J2EE. In addition to out-of-the-box HTTP session clustering for leading application servers, this release offers additional NIO and disk-paged caching strategies, significant optimizations for high-scale operations and failover management.


Trifork T4 is a J2EE[tm] 1.4 compatible application server. Featuring low footprint and customizability, Trifork T4 targets OEM and ISV markets.


Validy is a publisher of security and control software. Validy Technology puts an end to software hacking and IT systems sabotage by relocating crucial variables into a secure token in which they are securely modified during the program’s execution.

VERITAS Software Corporation

VERITAS Indepth for J2EE - Adaptive Instrumentation automates the task of having experienced application engineers manually configure the key components of the application monitoring tool. In addition, adaptive instrumentation helps production groups isolate application problems for development teams, allowing developers to focus on correcting miscoding rather than searching for problems.


JDO Genie is a JDO implementation supporting commercial and open source relational databases. JDO Genie supports JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, other servlet engines and 2-tier applications.


The Versata Logic Suite for the JBoss Application Server, along with support for the JBoss Application Server, will be generally available July 21, 2004. Under the terms of the agreement, JBoss will provide training to Versata for support, consulting and education and formally certify the Versata team. In addition, Versata will bundle JBoss Production Support for customers, plus provide JBoss services for specific technical expertise for a fully integrated customer support offering.

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