Apache Pivot hits the top

The Apache Pivot platform for building rich internet applications in Java has become a top-level project.

The Apache Pivot platform for building rich Internet applications (RIA) in Java has become a top-level project. This signifies the project’s maturity and popularity, and promises a credible alternative to non-standards based rich Internet application platforms.

Pivot was initiated to provide an open source and Java-based  alternative to Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. Both of these tools have been gaining traction owing to the demand for sophisticated Web applications, but they force developers to abandon Java. Pivot promises to allow a developer to leverage their Java skills and tools in building sophisticated Web apps.

Pivot includes various interface elements such as buttons and table controls. It also includes an XML markup language for drawing the user interface animated effects and components for Web services integration. Developers believe that it is ready for creating applications now without having to abandon Java and that it includes a good set of starter widgets. One developer declared, “You guys may actually end up bailing out the Java RIA from pure academic obscurity and back into the more popular sphere of mind.”

In addition, the fourth update of Pivot version 1.4 has also been released. It includes 23 new features, 23 improvements, and 25 bug fixes.

Apache Pivot 1.4 can be downloaded at http://pivot.apache.org/

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