JavaOne 2012 preview: Our favorite speakers tell all

JavaOne speakers Adam Bien, Kai Wähner and Jevgeni Kabanov explain why they love JavaOne and how to get the most out of it. asked some of our favorite JavaOne speakers what to do at JavaOne 2012 and how to get the most out of the conference. Read on to hear from Adam Bien, Jevgeni Kabanov and Kai Wähner. Bien is a Java Champion and holds a place on the JavaOne Rock Star Wall of Fame. Kabanov is the founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround and frequently posts on newsfeed. Wähner is a German consultant and an international speaker on topics such as Java EE, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and enterprise architecture. You can catch online lessons from both Bien and Wähner at's Java University. You might also want to check out Cameron McKenzie's JavaOne picks for 2012.

What's your favorite part of JavaOne?

Kai Wähner: The best thing is to meet so many awesome IT experts, including vendors, Java EE spec leads and experienced developers. Discussions with these people bring the most benefit of JavaOne.

Jevgeni Kabanov: The amazing random hallway conversations are better than anything you can try to organize. And to ensure you get those, it's worth your while to visit every evening event.

Adam Bien: I'm probably the only strange guy who attends JavaOne just because the technical content and not because of the hallway discussions. However, I highly appreciate the BoFs as well. :-)

What do you expect the exciting trends to be at JavaOne 2012?

Wähner: The most important big trend for me is big data, and technologies such as Hadoop and its related frameworks. Besides that, I am really excited to learn more about the future of Java, i.e., which JVM languages should be used, what new features product vendors are offering, and finally what's happening with cloud computing in the next two years (as Platfom as a Service( PaaS) features will not be part of Java EE 7).

Bien: Yes, I'm excited. The attendance seems to be higher [than last year]. For my talk "TUT3907 - Java EE 6/7: The Lean Parts" there are already 185 attendees ... on the wait list. I'm also expecting the continuous improvement of Java and a few surprises.

Kabanov: Cloudy-cloud-cloud-da-cloud-de-duh-cloud.

How do you let off steam between sessions?

Bien: My problem is not letting off steam, but getting lunch. My schedule last year was so packed, that I got lunch only twice. This year I optimized my schedule even further -- JavaOne, and sleeping is optional -- so I spend most of the time drinking coffee and taking notes.

Wähner: I don't go to a session every round. This would be almost impossible due to the several buildings where JavaOne is held. I often omit sessions and go to vendor booths during this time. When sessions are held, talking to vendors and experts is much more relaxed as most people are in sessions.

Kabanov: I hold it all in, and let it out at my talks. That's how I get all the crazy energy; it's all pent up and ready to explode.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the conference?

Bien: I'm particularly looking forward to sessions delivered by Oracle engineers. You get a unique opportunity to meet them at JavaOne and get insights about the current developments in core Java SE, EE and FX space.

Wähner: Especially, I am looking forward to meet several Java EE spec leads and creators of other awesome products, such as JRebel.

Kabanov: I think about 200 awesome folks who I get to meet at conferences. JavaOne is a great opportunity to catch up.

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