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JClarity's Ben Evans tackles Lambda, Java 8 and value types in JDK 1.9

In this interview with JClarity's Ben Evans, we hear insights on Lambda, Java 8 and how value types will improve application performance in JDK 1.9.

TheServerSide managed to catch up with JClarity Ltd.'s CEO, Ben Evans, at the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee's wine-and-cheese party at JavaOne and ask him for his insights on Project Lambda, Java 8, inhe company's recent product launch and the possibility of including value types in Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.9.

There wasn't any real possibility of getting value types into Java 8.

Ben Evans,
CEO, JClarity

As for anyone worried about the impact of interface evolution and the default keyword that comes with it, Evans said that there really isn't much to worry about. "The language team did quite a bit of work to make sure there were as few clashes as possible with the default keyword."

One of the big topics of conversation, especially when it came to increasing the performance of Java applications that worked with big data and large collections, was the introduction of value types into the language. When will the Java community finally see value types introduced into the language? "There wasn't any real possibility of getting value types into Java 8," Evans said, "but I think we need to start looking at the use cases in earnest if we are actually going to get it done in time for JDK 1.9."

It should also be mentioned that Evans and the rest of the JClarity team has been quite busy dealing with the general availability release of their product, which is designed to solve performance problems in enterprise Java and cloud-based environments. "The reception has been very interesting. It's been a whirlwind in the first month," Evans said, indicating that the enterprise clients who have been using the tool prior to the products' release like the fact that, rather than just providing data and metrics, JClarity goes one step further to provide a diagnosis and an answer, pointing administrators right to the problem at hand.

Watch the entire interview to hear Evans' insights first hand.


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