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Why choose native over HTML 5 in Android development?

Author Barry Burd discusses native coding versus HTML 5 and hybrid in Android development.

Who’s winning the debate over whether native coding is better than HTML 5 and hybrid in Android development? The jury is still out, according to Barry Burd, author of Android Application Development All-in-One for Dummies.

In short, HTML 5 and hybrid backers believe in developing mobile applications that run on a browser, so they can be deployed on any mobile device platform. Others are back writing an app in a device’s native language -- such as Java for Android or objective C for iPhone -- and then porting to other platforms as needed. Burd lays out the case for each side in this video interview, but he gives this disclaimer: “I’m a Java for Android guy.”

Burd has offered commentary on Android in several recent articles on TheServerSide. In one story, he noted that Apple’s requirements for acceptance in its App Store can be “unnecessarily restrictive” and difficult for developers to navigate. He contrasted Apple’s proprietary posture with Android’s openness, citing his preference for the latter for that reason – as well as the fact that Android is written in Java.

In another article, Burd provided details on Android’s latest release, Android L, which was introduced at the Google I/O conference in July 2014. Here, Burd described how to use Android L’s top new feature, material design, a primer forvisual, motion and interaction design, as well as other features.

TheServerSide editor Cameron McKenzie recently reviewed and recommended Burd’s IT books, which include Java for Dummies and Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies. Burd is also a professor of mathematics and computer science at Drew University in Madison, N.J. Watch the accompanying video to hear more about HTML 5 Android development.

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