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Keeping Java relevant in the age of cloud and agile

By Aaron Tan 06 Jun 2019

Java Community Process chair Heather VanCura talks up efforts to keep Java up to speed with the needs of developers in the era of cloud and agile software development Read More

Weigh cost, flexibility in your Java cloud IDE comparisons

By Chris Tozzi 16 Jul 2019

What's in a cloud IDE for Java developers? Flexibility and integration for starters. Consider these four options in your development environment and be sure to focus on costs. Read More

Red Hat's support for OpenJDK on Windows anchors Java apps

By Darryl K. Taft 26 Dec 2018

Red Hat brings long-term support for open source Java to developers who use Windows, so organizations can now choose one Java platform for desktop, data center and cloud. Read More

IBM and Red Hat wield power over enterprise Java

By Darryl K. Taft 02 Nov 2018

Expect enterprise Java to evolve under the influence of new stewards, including IBM and Red Hat which will likely steer it toward cloud-native and microservices development. Read More

The best way to start creating cloud-native Java applications

By Cameron McKenzie 20 Dec 2017

How do software engineers transition traditional Java EE development into a world of cloud-native Java? Heptio's Craig McLuckie provides insights on transitioning. Read More

How Java developers can find cloud computing careers

By Dan Sullivan 26 Jun 2014

In a new IT landscape, IT pros are worried their jobs are on the chopping block -- but Java developers in particular can position themselves in the cloud world. Read More

Amazon S3 outage: A guide to getting over cloud failures

16 Aug 2017

Developers have taken the Amazon S3 outage and learned to build failover and resiliency into a Java cloud application. Learn about the dangers of moving apps to the cloud. Read More

2013 Java trends: The cloud floats into Java application development

25 Feb 2013

Cloud computing architectures are having wide-reaching effects on Java application development. Here are five hot trends in cloud computing for 2013. Read More

Up, up and away: Java app development heads to the cloud

11 Mar 2013

With all the hype surrounding cloud computing, everyone is eager to see how the cloud "revolution" will play out. And while a "paradigm shift" might be interesting for analysts and theorists, day-to-day IT ... Read More