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Cloud architecture key to leveraging cloud-based services

01 Feb 2012

This first issue of Cloud Development Digest, geared for Java developers, features the following three articles: "Java Platform as a Service Providers Vie for Developers’ Affection," "Cloud Architecture Key to ... Read More

IBM acquires Red Hat, but not (exactly) for open source

By Adrian Bridgwater 29 Oct 2018

You don't normally expect a Jim Whitehurst LinkedIn update to hit you over a cuppa at 7am on a Monday morning. Whitehurst is CEO of commercially supported open source enterprise Linux operating ... Read More

Evaluate 3 cloud-native CI/CD pipeline tools

By Zachary Flower 16 Nov 2018

When it comes to continuous integration and delivery tools, there is no shortage of comparable options -- including those from public cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and Google. Read More

What the 3 versions of Oracle Cloud at Customer offer users

By Robert Sheldon 01 Nov 2018

Oracle's Cloud at Customer service lets users run its cloud technologies in their data centers. Here's what users get in the different versions of the managed service. Read More

Manage microservices in cloud with these native tools

By Kenneth Milberg 05 Oct 2018

AWS, Microsoft and Google all offer native resources and tools to support microservices-based architectures, most of which rely heavily on containers and service mesh technology. Read More

How good is SAP Cloud Platform integration with non-SAP apps?

By Linda Rosencrance 05 Dec 2018

An analyst and a user say SAP partners continue to release adapters for specific applications, filling in gaps in SAP's offerings and saving the time spent using generic adapters. Read More

SQL Server vs. MySQL: Learn the differences

By Brien Posey 09 May 2019

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server relational databases have their pros and cons. Weigh the differences between SQL Server and MySQL features, costs, functionality and more. Read More

Docker and Kubernetes monitoring tools that work on microservices

By Kerry Doyle 12 Sep 2018

What does it take to manage your containers? Explore a wide range of monitoring tools specifically suited for Docker and Kubernetes. Read More

AWS Elasticsearch distro stokes open source competitive fires

By Chris Kanaracus 12 Mar 2019

The new AWS-backed Open Distro for Elasticsearch may constitute a fork of the popular distributed search and systems analytics engine. What it means for customers is yet to come. Read More

Java is the perfect match for internet of things apps

By Ritesh Mehta 02 Mar 2018

The rise of IoT and M2M ecosystems require a programming language that is easy to use across devices and platforms. TatvaSoft's Ritesh Mehta explains why Java is the perfect choice. Read More