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Containers and the cloud push middleware technology forward

By Cameron McKenzie 05 Feb 2018

Is the application server dead? Not really. But the role of middleware technology has certainly changed in ways that impact both operations and developers. Read More

IBM’s APAC CEO talks up next chapter of cloud adoption

By Aaron Tan 12 Mar 2019

In the next phase of cloud adoption, enterprises will need to manage multiple cloud environments, as well as data to scale up their use of artificial intelligence technology Read More

Debug more quickly with AWS CodeBuild local support

By Chris Moyer 24 Jul 2018

AWS CodeBuild's local features serve as much-needed support for dev teams that can't afford lengthy wait times. Here's how to implement these features to ramp up development. Read More

Google Stackdriver enhances alerts, adds Kubernetes support

By Kurt Marko 28 Sep 2018

A recent round of updates to Google's monitoring tool gives IT and development teams more options to set up alerts, track usage and support Kubernetes, both in the cloud and on premises. Read More

IBM code grandmaster: what Java does next

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Jan 2018

Reports of Java's death have been greatly exaggerated -- said, well, pretty much every Java engineer that there is. The Java language and platform may have been (in some people's view) somewhat ... Read More

Clear software development governance needed in this polyglot world

By Cameron McKenzie 21 Feb 2018

New architectures composed out of language agnostic software containers have made polyglot programming a new reality. But out of this newfound freedom chaos can ensue if clear software development ... Read More

AWS Lambda functions become more flexible, but use caution

By Ernesto Marquez 15 Feb 2019

AWS Lambda added custom runtimes and longer timeouts. Review the benefits, such as flexibility and easier migration, along with the drawbacks, which include potentially higher costs. Read More

Embracing Lambda and Java 8? How the Java landscape will change in 2014

04 Jan 2014

What will 2014 bring for the enterprise Java community? How developers adapt to new technologies like Lambda is key. Also, how cloud computing deals with the increased desire to virtualize is key as well. Here we ... Read More

Git vs. GitHub: What is the difference between them?

By Cameron McKenzie 06 Nov 2018

What are Git and GitHub? Are they actually the same thing? In this comparison article, we compare Git vs GitHub and examine the differences between the tools, like who maintains them and how easy they integrate ... Read More

Look beyond public cloud giants for the right PaaS offering

By Kenneth Milberg 26 Feb 2018

While the leading public cloud vendors remain a popular choice for PaaS, there are other offerings, ranging from Heroku to Engine Yard, that might be worth a closer look. Read More