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Git vs. GitHub: What is the difference between them?

By Cameron McKenzie 06 Nov 2018

What are Git and GitHub? Are they actually the same thing? In this comparison article, we compare Git vs GitHub and examine the differences between the tools, like who maintains them and how easy they integrate ... Read More

JavaEE 8 and Java 9 trending large at JavaOne 2017

By Tom Nolle 28 Sep 2017

What are the big trends in the Java world today? Just look at the JavaOne 2017 schedule and you'll see it goes way beyond just JavaEE 8 and the new Java 9 release. Read More

Microsoft showcases Azure DevOps Project enhancements

By Darryl K. Taft 09 May 2018

Microsoft continues to reach out to developers with an updated tool to help them configure a DevOps pipeline and connect it to the cloud, regardless of the app dev platform. Read More

How to set up and use a JFrog Artifactory as a local Maven repository

By Cameron McKenzie 18 Sep 2018

In this Artifactory tutorial, we'll show you how to deploy JAR files to an Artifactory Maven repository. It's surprisingly simple. Read More

Azure Functions, Project Fn shine at JavaOne 2017

By Darryl K. Taft 05 Oct 2017

At JavaOne 2017, Microsoft previews its Azure Functions serverless offering with support for Java; Oracle introduces Project Fn, which runs across multiple clouds and also supports Java. Read More

Tough sample DevOps interview questions and answers to tackle

By Cameron McKenzie 28 Sep 2018

Interested in applying for that DevOps engineer position? Then take a look at these tough, sample DevOps interview questions and answers, and see how well you are prepared. Read More

Medicare's new member of its healthcare data center: The cloud

By Valerie Silverthorne 05 Oct 2018

The U.S. Digital Service is slowly moving a Medicare mainframe to the cloud as a way to prepare for value-based care. Here's a look inside the office's deliberate strategy. Read More

Keppel, Salim Group to build new datacentre in Indonesia

By Aaron Tan 10 Sep 2018

The facility located on the outskirts of Jakarta is a response to the growing demand for connectivity and data services in Indonesia’s fast-growing digital economy Read More

Steve Wilson

Citrix Systems

Steve Wilson is the vice president of product, cloud and IoT at Citrix Systems.Read More

An inside look at IoT gateway vendors, classifications

By Ellen Muraskin 21 Jan 2019

It's easy to get confused when it comes to IoT gateways. Learn about IoT gateway options, IoT gateway vendors and where products fit into the edge gateway spectrum. Read More