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Clear software development governance needed in this polyglot world

By Cameron McKenzie 21 Feb 2018

New architectures composed out of language agnostic software containers have made polyglot programming a new reality. But out of this newfound freedom chaos can ensue if clear software development ... Read More

JavaEE 8 and Java 9 trending large at JavaOne 2017

By Tom Nolle 28 Sep 2017

What are the big trends in the Java world today? Just look at the JavaOne 2017 schedule and you'll see it goes way beyond just JavaEE 8 and the new Java 9 release. Read More

Debug more quickly with AWS CodeBuild local support

By Chris Moyer 24 Jul 2018

AWS CodeBuild's local features serve as much-needed support for dev teams that can't afford lengthy wait times. Here's how to implement these features to ramp up development. Read More

Look beyond public cloud giants for the right PaaS offering

By Kenneth Milberg 26 Feb 2018

While the leading public cloud vendors remain a popular choice for PaaS, there are other offerings, ranging from Heroku to Engine Yard, that might be worth a closer look. Read More

Azure Functions, Project Fn shine at JavaOne 2017

By Darryl K. Taft 05 Oct 2017

At JavaOne 2017, Microsoft previews its Azure Functions serverless offering with support for Java; Oracle introduces Project Fn, which runs across multiple clouds and also supports Java. Read More

How to integrate DevOps QA testing on AWS

By Mike Pfeiffer 22 Jan 2019

QA testing is an overlooked, but important, part of DevOps. For workloads on AWS, use CodeBuild, CodeCommit and other tools to make the most of your workflow. Read More

Google Stackdriver enhances alerts, adds Kubernetes support

By Kurt Marko 28 Sep 2018

A recent round of updates to Google's monitoring tool gives IT and development teams more options to set up alerts, track usage and support Kubernetes, both in the cloud and on premises. Read More

Microsoft showcases Azure DevOps Project enhancements

By Darryl K. Taft 09 May 2018

Microsoft continues to reach out to developers with an updated tool to help them configure a DevOps pipeline and connect it to the cloud, regardless of the app dev platform. Read More

RHV 4.3 updates take backseat to container-native virtualization

14 May 2019

Most new apps start in containers nowadays. However, certain legacy applications still don't work with containers. RHV 4.3 hopes to help bridge the gap. Read More

Effective DevOps change management for versioning cloud apps

By Tom Nolle 10 Aug 2017

There are many ways to go about versioning your cloud applications, but new approaches may need to be implemented when performing DevOps change management. Read More