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How DevOps concepts eluted from cloud computing and service platforms

By Cameron McKenzie 20 Feb 2018

The popularity of DevOps can be traced back to the emergence of cloud computing. As programmers began scripting their environments, the line between dev and ops began to blur. Read More

Containers and the cloud push middleware technology forward

By Cameron McKenzie 05 Feb 2018

Is the application server dead? Not really. But the role of middleware technology has certainly changed in ways that impact both operations and developers. Read More

Spring MVC tutorial: How Spring Boot web MVC makes Java app development easy

By Cameron McKenzie 30 Jun 2018

Spring Boot has provided an opinionated approach to developing microservices. In this Spring MVC tutorial, we show how Spring Boot has changed Java web development as well. Read More

Confluent Platform 5.0 aims to mainstream Kafka streaming

By Jack Vaughan 08 Aug 2018

Confluent Platform updates seek to bring data streaming with Apache Kafka to a wider audience. A new GUI and user-defined functions are part of the 5.0 release. Read More

IBM code grandmaster: what Java does next

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Jan 2018

Reports of Java's death have been greatly exaggerated -- said, well, pretty much every Java engineer that there is. The Java language and platform may have been (in some people's view) somewhat ... Read More

JavaEE 8 and Java 9 trending large at JavaOne 2017

By Tom Nolle 28 Sep 2017

What are the big trends in the Java world today? Just look at the JavaOne 2017 schedule and you'll see it goes way beyond just JavaEE 8 and the new Java 9 release. Read More

How to deploy an embedded Tomcat server in an executable JAR with Maven example

By Cameron McKenzie 24 May 2018

There's nothing magical about packaging Java web apps in an executable JAR file. This embedded Tomcat tutorial shows you how to use the Apache Maven plugin to create and run an executable JAR that has Tomcat ... Read More

Explore data integration products for your organization

By Mary E. Shacklett 27 Jun 2019

Browse through the current data integration products currently available to help you determine which tool best suits your organization's needs. Read More

Clear software development governance needed in this polyglot world

By Cameron McKenzie 21 Feb 2018

New architectures composed out of language agnostic software containers have made polyglot programming a new reality. But out of this newfound freedom chaos can ensue if clear software development ... Read More

Why commercial software providers are buying into cloud native

By Cliff Saran 09 Nov 2018

There is a reason why IBM has announced it will be spending $34bn to buy Red Hat, much like VMware’s acquisition of Heptio Read More